Café Sello Rojo Premium Colombian Coffee | Smooth & Flavorful | Low Acidity, No Bitter Aftertaste | 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee | Café de Colombia | 16 Ounce (Pack of 10)

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Colombia’s Most Sold brand of Coffee

Make every morning feel like a weekend with the indulgent flavor of Colombia’s favorite cup of coffee: Cafe Sello Rojo premium coffee. World-renowned for their high-quality beans and roasters, Colombians know great coffee, and they have consistently chosen Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian roasted coffee as their first choice. Founded in 1933, Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian coffee has been making history for more than 80 years in the third largest coffee producing region in the world. The discerning gourmet coffee drinkers of Colombia have spoken, and Cafe Sello Rojo with its mild roast coffee is bringing Colombia’s preferred selling brew to American homes. Direct from the source and monitored by strict quality controls at every stage of the process. Cafe Sello Rojo Coffee columbian ground

A cup of coffee with a balanced body Coffee and gourmet notes of sweetness

Cafe Sello Rojo mild roast coffee 100% Colombian premium coffee is dedicated to the purest quality, never blending inferior varieties or grades. is a mild roast, medium ground coffee with a balanced body that inspires notes of sweetness and low acidity for superior drinkability. Enjoy your brick coffee in the morning, noon, and night. Colombia’s climate has the golden ticket for supremo coffee cultivation, and Cafe Sello Rojo embraces many of the family mountain farms of the region to ensure the highest quality whole beans. Hand-picked green coffee beans are carefully selected at the peak of maturation, then washed with the purest water and dried in the sun for a naturally perfect process. Cafe Sello Rojo purchases these pristine beans direct from the source, then roasts and vacuum-packs on site to maintain the delicious aroma and freshness in every bag. Cafe Sello Rojo is the top selling brand in Colombia according to La Republica Newspaper, The Nielsen Company, Euromonitor and Kantar World Panel 2018.


Handpicked coffee produces the smoothest taste

560.000 farmers and their families are the backbone of the coffee growing industry and culture in Colombia. Cafe Sello Rojo has worked hand in hand with the local farmers for over 70 years to bring you the smoothest coffee in the world.


Small Hand Tended Batches

Processed in the fields, in small batches, enhances the quality of the product. The coffee beans are cleaned, fermented and dried in the sun by local farmers to produce the perfect batch every time. Colombians take great pride in their product, and they are connoisseurs. And Cafe Sello Rojo is the brand they prefer overwhelmingly.

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# 1 Coffee Brand in Colombia

Cafe Sello Rojo is the brand Colombians prefer the most. It has been the coffee with the highest sales in Colombia for decades, and now is available to you in

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What People are saying about Sello Rojo Coffee…

“This coffee is smooth and delicious. It is not bitter which is something I often find with coffees…”

“I am a big coffee fan and this is one of the better ones that I have had”

“I love this coffee. It has a lot of flavor without tasting too dark and is great for coffee drinks…”

“I like my coffee real strong, so this coffee managed to be strong without giving me any heartburn…”

16 Oz brick

16 Oz brick





Ground Coffee

Medium Body, smooth roasted and ground Coffee. Low Acidity and spectacular finish.


Compatible with all Keurig Machines, the great tasting Sello Rojo Coffee is now available in pods.


For those that want the bold taste of espresso, with the refinement of the smoothest coffee only Colombia can offer.

100% COLOMBIAN ARABICA COFFEE: Pure arabica Colombian coffee. No blends. Sello Rojo Colombian coffee has a medium roast, medium grind and produces a smooth balanced body with notes of sweetness and low acidity. Cafe Sello Rojo mild roast coffee is freshly roasted and vacuum-sealed at the origin to preserve its freshness, lush aroma, and gourmet rich flavor. Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian roasted coffee can be enjoyed as a breakfast coffee or all day long. Colombia Supremo coffee
BEHIND THE BEANS: Cafe Sello Rojo 100% Cafe Colombiano is sourced directly mainly from family farms who take pride in their meticulously hand picked coffee beans. Harvested at their peak, Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian roasted coffee beans are pristinely washed and sundried to perfection. Our coffee beans are roasted, grounded and packed at the source, taking artisanal care to achieve Coffee Sello Rojo’s coveted EXCELSO grading classification. Columbian Coffee roast
COFFEE’S PRIME CLIMATE: The Andes green mountains provide the perfect recipe of elevation, soil, and climate to give the Colombian arabica coffee beans that Cafe Sello Rojo Premium Coffee uses in their globally recognized quality. That is why Cafe Sello Rojo medium roast coffee is committed to 100% Colombian coffee, never blended with lower quality coffees. Plus, Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian ground coffee maintains a selectively low inventory to guarantee freshness every time. Columbian coffee
THE BEST BREW: For the finest Cello Rojo Coffee experience, scoop one leveled tablespoon of Cafe Sello Rojo Columbian coffee ground per small cup of water into your filter. Pour hot (not boiling) water over in uniform, circular movements until fully soaked. To preserve Cafe Sello Rojo ground coffee medium roast supreme fresh aroma, please store in an opaque, airtight container in a cool place, preferably refrigerated. Columbian coffee supremo

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  1. John

    A friend told me about this coffee when he went to columbia. He said it was the best coffee he has ever had. So i trusted his word and ordered a package. After trying my first cup i was instanly amazed. So smooth, aromatic, bold and balanced. Im glad i tried tgis coffee and regret not ordering more. Ill be back to push the buy now button….


  2. Aaron

    Pro’s: – Flavor: Folgers tastes like colored water compared to this. Taste is not overpowering, as some columbian roasts are. This flavor is very bold, I guess would be the word. – Strength: It doesn’t take much to brew up a pot (or cup), about half of what Folgers would take for an equal strength cup. – Dark roast: I’m a fan of full bodied, full flavor dark roasts. Blonde coffees just don’t offer the flavor. – CAFFEINE!!!!: Yes…This will definitely wake you up in the morning. It’s much more effective at getting the sleep out of your eyes than even Starbucks can. – Brew a pot or single serve: Tried this in full pot coffee maker, and single serve coffee makers like Keurig. Works fine. I just hit the “bold” or “strong” button to ensure I have the flavor. TIP: If making it in a single serve, try setting it up on the lowest amount, with strong setting, and running the same pod through twice, makes it a little more bold.Con’s: – Cost: It’s not as bad as others, but still, coffee is getting expensive. – Too Much: I used to drink a cup or 2 of coffee in the morning, and a cup or 2 at night…Since using this, I can’t…stop…drinking…it….not a bad thing, although doctors might disagree.Other Thoughts: It’s a great coffee, versatile, flavorful, delicious…but won’t help any addiction you have with coffee…in fact, it’ll probably cause a setback in you Coffee Anonymous meetings. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. The way to buy this coffee is in bulk, to save some money.


  3. PugFamily

    I had read other reviews and was impressed by what people had to say so I purchased a bag. I’m so glad I did because I really like this coffee. I typically choose a flavored coffee but sometimes you just want to enjoy a good cup of unflavored coffee. This coffee is smooth and delicious. It is not bitter which is something I often find with coffees. My only feedback is that the bag does not have a resealing option so you should have a coffee container ready to store it in to keep it fresh.


  4. Starly

    I spent 9 months in Ecuador and I was buying this coffee while I was there. I brought a bag home with me. I didn’t think I would be able to get it in the USA but thank goodness it’s here on Amazon! I am excited that I can continue to purchase Sello Rojo. I love this coffee. It has a lot of flavor without tasting too dark and is great for coffee drinks. I prefer my coffee with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and almost half and half with milk. Now that I have this at home I don’t feel the urge to run out to one of those name brand coffee places.


  5. WKBT

    I was introduced to this coffee by some friends from Colombia. When they come to visit they always bring me coffee. When I went to visit them I bought all they had in the supermarket that we went to. It’s a lot cheaper in Colombia but I can’t just fly there to buy coffee. Lol.


  6. Jarrod Wayman

    I had higher expectations of this coffee. I was sent to Colombia for work and bought 6 kilos of Sello Rojo off of guy out in town. I brought it back as a surprise for my wife. She loved the coffee!!! When we ran out I started looking for a place to buy it from.We came upon Sello Rojo on Amazon. It’s not bad coffee at all. It’s just not the same level of coffee that I initially purchased in Colombia.

    Jarrod Wayman

  7. E. Harris

    Ever since my co-worker introduced me to Yaocono which he picked up in Puerto Rico I have been a big fan of that coffee. It is bold, strong, and not bitter at all. I like it so much I wanted to try other South American coffees and other coffees from around the world. This coffee is fairly strong, but unlike my yaucono. The Sello Rojo also comes with a dark bitter taste, which I don’t enjoy. It leaves an after taste in my mouth. I gave this coffee “3 stars”. It’s “ok”. I don’t hate it, and I don’t love it. It COULD be something you’ll enjoy, give it a try.

    E. Harris

  8. Elan

    (Normally four stars) After we finished all of our coffee brands we brought back on our trip to Colombia, including some Sello Rojo, we made our usual purchase of Sello Rojo online from this seller. The price dropped which made us happy to purchase our Colombian coffee at a savings. Surprisingly, the flavor did not hold up this time. The taste is bitter like Robusta, not Arabica and the quality we expect. Very disappointed and will have to consider trying another seller. Something is not right – either selling a bad batch or coffee was switched? Reason for the price drop?