Casematix 17″ Elite Custom Waterproof Laptop Case fits Acer Predator Helios 300, Helios 500, Nitro 5 and More Acer Gaming Laptop 15.6 inch, 17.3 inch Accessories

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casematix laptop carrying case hard shell pelican hard waterproof airtightcasematix laptop carrying case hard shell pelican hard waterproof airtight

CASEMATIX – Protecting your stuff is our business.

laptop sleeve carrying case hard shell for gaming laptops alienwarelaptop sleeve carrying case hard shell for gaming laptops alienware

CASEMATIX Ultra-Durable Airtight 15-17″ Gaming Laptop & Accessories Travel Case – Room for Laptop Charger, Mouse and Keyboard

You care about your laptop, right? With the CASEMATIX 15-17″ Laptop Travel Case you can keep your precious laptop, keyboard, mouse and charger protected at all times in a rugged, completely waterproof carrying case. The exterior is constructed from crushproof, hard polymer composite plastic and the interior of each case is lined with a mix of foam to provide impact protection and allow for the creation of separate layers for your 15-17″ laptop and accessories. You spent a lot of money on your laptop – invest in a case that’s worthy of carrying it. Invest in CASEMATIX.

hard shell pelican style carrying case for laptops military grade

hard shell pelican style carrying case for laptops military grade

hard case with foam for laptop gaming laptop acer predator intel

hard case with foam for laptop gaming laptop acer predator intel

waterproof carrying case for laptop 15 inch 17 inch

waterproof carrying case for laptop 15 inch 17 inch

Body Armor for Your Laptop – Crushproof Blow-Mold Exterior

Each case’s hard shell exterior is constructed from ultra-durable hard polymer composite plastic, offering maximum impact protection for your laptop and related accessories. Sure, you could toss your laptop in a backpack or soft messenger bag – but if you want 360 degree protection for your laptop then a CASEMATIX hard case is the way to go.

External dimensions: 21″ x 16″ x 4″

Shock-Absorbing, Dense Foam Interior

Our CASEMATIX 15-17″ Laptop Case features a thick egg-crate foam top and includes FOUR separate flat foam middle layers to adjust the depth of foam protection as needed. Add or remove the flat foam layers to snugly hold your laptop in place, or place over the top of your laptop to keep accessories such as keyboards and mice separate. The four foam inserts allow you to create the perfect depth needed to absorb shock from bumps and drops.

Internal dimensions: 18″ x 12.5″ x 3.25″

Waterproof and Airtight with Locking Seal

This case was designed with a waterproof O-ring liner that will keep your laptop fully protected from water, moisture and dust. An integrated pressure release valve allows for the release of air when changing altitudes.

four latches heavy duty carrying tote case bag messenger for pc computer laptop

four latches heavy duty carrying tote case bag messenger for pc computer laptop

handle for laptop case carrying cover for acer lenovo hp amd

handle for laptop case carrying cover for acer lenovo hp amd

mouse keyboard headphones electronics carrying case for laptop gamer gaming

mouse keyboard headphones electronics carrying case for laptop gamer gaming

4 x Heavy-Duty & Easy-Open Latches

In order to maintain the case’s airtight and waterproof seal, we utilize a heavy-duty 4 point latching system. Just because our latches are rugged and reinforced doesn’t mean they should be a chore to open up – so our latches have been designed with easy-open functionality. You should be able to access your laptop easily when you need it AND feel secure that your case is going to stay closed when you don’t.

Comfortable Folding Carrying Handle

This case is ideal for travel with its briefcase-style design and built-in folding carry handle. Whether you’re traveling in an airplane, in a car, or just need a safe carrying solution for your laptop when moving around the office CASEMATIX has got you covered.

Peripherals and Accessories Fit on Top

This case’s spacious interior will accommodate a large form-factor laptop AND your charger, a mouse, compact keyboard, headphones and more! Because each case includes multiple layers of shock-absorbing foam, you can create a special layer above your laptop specifically for your peripherals and other accessories. Compatible with 15 and 17 inch laptops from Acer, Asus, Razer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and much more.

gaming laptop carrying case for 15 inch 17 inchgaming laptop carrying case for 15 inch 17 inch

Ultimate Protection for Your 15-17″ Laptop

The CASEMATIX 15-17″ Laptop Case helps keep your valuable laptop safer, cleaner and more readily accessible. We understand your laptop and accessories are important, so invest in a case designed from the ground up to protect them.

Compatible with Acer Predator Gaming Laptops like:

Acer Predator Helios 300Acer Predator Triton 700Acer Predator 15 and more.


Laptop Size

Up to 15.6″

Up to 17.3″

Internal Dimensions

17” x 10.5”x 3”

18″ x 12.5″ x 3.25″

External Dimensions

19” x 14” x 5”

21″ x 16″ x 4″

Hard Shell


Foam Interior

Foam Layers Included

2 Extra Layers

4 Extra Layers

💻 CRUSHPROOF PROTECTION FOR LAPTOP & ACCESSORIES – The CASEMATIX 15″ – 17″ rugged waterproof laptop travel case bag offers unparalleled protection for your Acer Predator Helios Gaming Laptop along with chargers, keyboards, mice, tablets & more.
💻 SHOCK-ABSORBING FOAM INTERIOR – Ultimate protection means a shock-absorbing foam interior – featuring an egg-crate foam top and 4 flat middle layers, allowing you to adjust the depth of foam protection to perfectly fit a 15-17 inch Acer laptop.
💻 WATERPROOF PROTECTION FROM SPILLS AND MOISTURE – This laptop case offers your computer defense from the elements with an airtight design & premium sealing technology. INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 18″ x 12.5″ x 3.25″. EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 21″ x 16″ x 4″
💻 WIDE COMPATIBILITY – The CASEMATIX Acer Predator Gaming Laptop Case works for Acer Predator Helios 300 Model G3-571-77QK, PH317-51-787B, G3-572-72YF, G3-572-78JY, PH317-51-7578, G3-572-7526, G3-571-73H3 and G3-571-77KB, Helios 300 PH315-52-78VL
💻 ALSO FITS – Acer Predator Helios 500 , Helois 300 , Acer Nitro 5 , Acer Predator Triton 700 , Triton 500 , PT715-51-761M / Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH , G9-593-73N6 and G9-593-735L – DOES NOT FIT ACER PREDATOR 17X OR ACER PREDATOR 17

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  1. G

    The add claims the case can fit a 15 – 17 inch laptop. Scroll down the page to product description and it advertises a different claim in two locations as in one of the two seen below. ??? I received the case today and noticed it does not appear to have a tight seal near the handle as the case is a little bowed. I hope it seal and functions as advertised. Otherwise it looks good.Product descriptionCASEMATIX Rugged 15.6” – 17.3” Custom Gaming Laptop Case for Acer Predator Laptops – Does Not Fit Acer Predator 17


  2. jrf

    Case seems sturdy and has a lifetime warranty per product description. Was the only case that I could find for the Acer Predator Helios 500. Using some other packing material I had, I configured the bottom to hold the power adapter, portable DVD/CD player/recorder, and mouse. The laptop fits on top; the case closes with no issues. Will post photos later.


  3. dennis mcCleaf

    This is a great case I really love it but only problem is hairline fracture on 2 of the latches make it tight to close it probably was my own fault from the top layer of the accessories make it hard to shut a little bit

    dennis mcCleaf

  4. Nobody

    OK this definitely fits the ASUS ROG G74Sx, And while it is a very heavy laptop and makes it much easier to carry then in a backpack.


  5. StanC

    Perfect for protecting my laptop. It would be better if it had internal pockets or sleeves.


  6. Jack

    This is a BADVSS laptop case. I would trust tossing this down the stairs with my laptop inside, if that wasn’t inherently just a bad idea. Locking clamps feel very secure, extremely durable plastic build. Fits my laptop and the big Acer block charger perfectly. Highly recommend this case


  7. Chad Kuhn

    Space 4/5Bought this to protect my Acer Predator Helios 300 (2019). It has just enough space to carry my laptop, charger, cooling pad, gaming mouse, and wireless Xbox One controller. To accommodate the thickness of the cooling pad, I actually place the laptop into the case on the cooling pad, just like if I were using it on a desk. With all the foam inserts (case comes with 3) removed, it fits perfectly snugly with the lid closed. The extra space around the laptop (it’s a 15.6″) is where I store the other gadgets and wires. If my laptop were any larger, my configuration wouldn’t work, so beware if you’ve got a 17″ laptop and a bulky cooling pad.Protection 5/5The reason I went with this case was because I travel a lot with this laptop. The rigid plastic exterior protects from sharp objects, while the generously padded foam interior absorbs blunt trauma. There is a rubbery gasket around the lid of the box that mates with the bottom, making it very resistant to water. I wouldn’t toss it into a lake, but I have absolute confidence it would protect against even the heaviest downpour for hours. The hinges are sturdy, and the FOUR latches lock down securely, so there is very little chance of this thing opening unintentionally.Weight 1/5This thing is heavy. This was not a problem for me, because I bought it knowing it would be heavy, but it’s worth mentioning for someone who intends to lug this around all day. I generally take the laptop to and from my car, so the weight doesn’t bother me, but if I had to move around a school campus or something, I’d definitely get a different case. Plus side: if you were attacked, you could probably bludgeon your attacker to death with it, and still have a working laptop after. (That’s a joke, I don’t actually advocate using the Casematix Laptop Case as a self-defense weapon)Overall 5/5This case does everything I wanted it to do with flying colors. Weight was not an issue for my usage, and it has exactly enough space to carry my usual kit. At 1/15th the price of my laptop (or 1/17th if you count taxes), this thing is a bargain for the protection it offers. Bonus: You look like a secret agent walking around with it.

    Chad Kuhn

  8. Mason

    its everything you would want and need in a sturdy, durable protective case for a laptop. I’ve taken it on many flights and it always keeps my laptop and its accessories in tact. there’s plenty of extra space on the inside of the case for items like headphones, a mouse, Ethernet cable, heck even a keyboard! my laptop is 15.6 inches. and with the extra foam layers included in the case, you can safely separate the laptop accessories from the laptop its self. I haven’t gotten a scratch on it yet. not to mention the whole inside is padded! the only thing I wish I had known was that it tends to create a negative pressure on the inside of the case on flights, so you should definitely unscrew the air cap located near the handle of the case when getting on a flight.