Death Wish Single Serve Coffee Pods for K-Cup Style 2.0 Brewers, USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade (50 Count Bulk Value)

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This 50-count bulk box of Death Cups is the best value available. Death Cups combine the strength and taste of the world’s strongest coffee with the convenience of single serve coffee pods to make your morning routine as easy as ever. Just pop it into your K-cup compatible coffee maker, fuel up, and go.

Compatible with Keurig 1.0, Keurig 2.0, Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee machines
Subtle flavor notes of chocolate and cherry that result in a smooth, bold, never-bitter taste that’s low in acidity
Our coffee is made with only the highest quality USDA certified organic and Fair Trade beans to give you the best-tasting coffee from the best sources
Rigid capsule design gives you a bolder, smoother cup — and they’re recyclable. Recycle instructions included.

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  1. Victorfabius

    I felt like the world was ending. Like I had lost hope in the whole of the human race. My doctor told me that I was just tired and should sleep more at night. I tried, I really did. I just lay in bed counting sheep and thinking about why those sheep jumped that fence and how high was that fence and what good was that fence when the sheep could just jump over it. I figured I might as well end all my suffering and give in to my Death Wish. With coffee.Because I hate nature and sharing, I decided on the Keurig K-Cup for my Death Wish. I was not disappointed. The individually packaged containers all come with the skull and crossbones, the perfect symbol upon which to end ones life. I placed it gently, almost reverently in my work’s K-cup brewer (My coworkers, too, hate sharing), and pressed the brew button.Like a steaming hellion hound, the coffee poured out from the spout, black like tar and as hot as my hatred for nature. Into my mug it flowed and flowed and flowed until the cup runneth over. I learned, later, that there are 3 buttons on this K-cup brewer which offer differing amounts of coffee volume.Taking this physical representation of my mood to my desk, I sat it down and waited for it to cool to a drinking temperature. So I waited. The coffee, like a demented avenger, just sat and steamed. Finally, after waiting 30 minutes while being completely unproductive, I took my first sip, eagerly anticipating the end.I really should have read the reviews first, because this coffee doesn’t actually end your life.I was hooked at first sip. A light roast, flavorful and dignified, went from slithering over my tongue to caressing my mouth. Words like ‘ambrosia’, ‘heavenly’ and ‘holy crap that’s good’ floated through my mind and, if the stares of my coworkers were correct, also flowed through my mouth. I drank the whole cup in one pull after that first sip and made another cup.It was while I was waiting for cup #2 to brew (Having been told by now which button to not push on the Keurig) that I felt the first jolt of life springing through my veins like static electricity discharging. A million volts zapped through me and, as I approached a colleague, I gave off enough of a charge to singe his wrist hair.After the second cup of Death Wish coffee, I polished off my reports for the next week, made a 3 course meal for the office using the 2 microwaves in the lounge and alphabetized everyone’s cubicles. That was 2 days ago. I haven’t slept since, but I don’t really need to, now that I have this coffee.Thanks to Death Wish coffee, I’ll never sleep or listen to a licensed medical professional again!


  2. Leslie T. Bartiromo

    There’s a LOT going on with this coffee! What I normally like is a Kona or Sumatra with no cream or sugar. Does Death Wish coffee stand up the them?First, the good stuff:1. The marketing is top rate. Concept. Graphics. Just fantastic and hits the right audience.2. The aroma! When you open the bag the coffee smell hits you and you fall in love with coffee all over again!Second, the rest:1. The K-cups come in an air tight bag. This is because they are not a solid plastic cup but a papery/clothy material. It may be a way to get more coffee taste out of the K-cup or to make them more recyclable. Just be sure you reseal the bag immediately after opening. I had a problem with the press seal on my bag so I used a “chip clip” to keep it closed.2. The taste is good. Actually real good. It isn’t my favorite but it’s up there.3. Price. Although I didn’t do a comprehensive study I think it’s safe to say Death Wish K-cups are one of the most expensive cups of coffee on the market.If you like strong coffee should you try it? Absolutely! I would probably drink it more often if I could just pick it up at the store and if the price were lower.Remember all this applies to just the K-cups.

    Leslie T. Bartiromo

  3. SB3

    Death Wish Coffee is one of the novelty brands of coffee that surely has transcended its novelty, making it a quality brand to carry steadily in one’s own coffee stock.I’ve been a fan since I first tried their original whole bean blend years ago and every year I look forward to their spiced holiday blend.This time I decided to try their K-Cup product, “Death Cups,” as my own sloth hasn’t gotten the better of my usually traditionalist coffee habits.Most coffee purists know without mentioning any K-Cup coffee will never hold a candle to a pressed or pour-over prepared cup. This holds true for Death Wish’s own Death Cups.With that being said, Death Cups are most certainly the best Keurig prepared coffee I’ve had. Death Cups are palatable black, which is a feat when compared to other products of this style from other companies. However, even Death Wish’s solid blend can’t escape that indistinguishable Keurig brewed taste that is ever present since I first used the machine with the sample cups with which it came.The cups themselves are mesh as opposed to a solid plastic, so they’re much quieter as the machine brews to a finish, which is a nice touch.Overall, I’d recommend them. Any failings of the product are faults of the brewing method. Death Wish offers delicious coffee options for those brave few willing to put Death in their cup.*Update 2/11/18*I gave my Keurig a thorough cleaning and it made quite the difference. The flavor and strength of this coffee truly came through and made it very comparable to a whole bean brew of itself.As such, this will be a mainstay in my coffee cabinet. Well done Death Wish!


  4. half5

    I reviewed this product about a year ago and gave it 5 stars. At that time it had a completely different, unique construction of it’s k-pods as well as the overall packaging the k-pods were delivered in. The latter is less important, but still has an impact. The changes are so drastic, that the high rating they have now is not deserved. The pod construction and package style is identical to everyone other one out there now. There is nothing about the coffee that makes this stand out in my mind. Amazon should reset ratings if a product changes so significantly. Letting high customer reviews amass for a product, then letting that product change significantly but leaving the original reviews in place, is a bait and switch. I know it’s on a small scale, but it’s misleading and unethical.