Dell Alienware 17″ Vindicator 2.0 Backpack, Black (AWV17BP-2.0)

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Designed to impress, the Alienware Vindicator backpack boasts an extremely durable exterior with room in its 3 main compartments to protect your goods. It fits up to 17-Inch Alienware. Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack (17″) will accommodate a 17″ or 17.3″ laptop. The 17″ category includes laptops with screen sizes from 17 inches to around 17.3 inches (measured diagonally) depending on the device.

Armored gear:: resilient high-density nylon encases the backpack, sheltering your gear from harm. The back panel is molded and vented to provide Air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable
All-around protection: a reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base provides added protection against the elements while easily Bearing the weight of all your gear
Internal Defenses: dedicated, padded pockets protect your laptop and tablet Device in addition to the included power adapter Bag to help keep your accessories protected from Scratches
Plenty of space: with the Vindicator Backpackers 3 large, main compartments and several additional pockets, you can be sure that you can bring all of your gear with you.Cubic Inches:2,483
A reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base provides added protection against the elements while easily Bearing the weight of all your gear
Laptop Compartment Dimensions: 17” x 13.2” x 2.5”

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  1. Jordan

    I bought this primarily because it was alienware and matched my laptop. When I got it it felt very nice and well built.The outside: the hard shell design is protective and has that alienware look to it. The handle is thick and sturdy and doesnt feel cheap. There are out side zippers that allow you to put things in if your on the go such as a bus pass or plane ticket. There is a meash holder in the side as well. The part that touches your back is firm but comfortable and sports the written out alienware logo.The inside: the main pocket is where I keep my laptop, it has ample padding and fits the size of the laptop perfectly. There is a grey soft pocket as well. The middle pocket has to sub pockets to hold books or folders. I use it to hold my cooling fan, mouse, mouse pad and charger. The front pocket has the familiar backpack layout with zippers and sub pockets. There is also an elastic taco attachment for holding headphones.The charger pouch: it is big and has the alienware logo on sewn on it so its not just lazily put on there. It holds the big boy chargers alienware has just fine without feeling forced. It has a big loop at the end as well.Pros:People instantly know your a PC gamer if they know alienwareIt is not flashy with a bunch of pockets and zippersYou won’t spend 5 minutes searching all the pockets if you forgot where you put somethingIt’s different, its subtle it just neat to look atIt distributes the weight really wellCons:The zippers are plastic some people may not like that, I do because it quite.It is mostly black so dirt and scuffs are going to show on the hard shellThere’s no good place to attach anything, I managed to attach my MGS dog but it’s awkward and always flip in between the shoulder strap and my arm.Overall it is a great bag and why not get something that looks different but is also functional.


  2. Tech nerd

    There are a lot of reviews and because there are a few products all listed under the same reviews it can be confusing.I am reviewing the backpack for the 15″ Alienware pc. This backpack fits the 15r4 perfectly. It is well made and has plenty of room for additional items. Has a nice black and light blue nylon material inside. The outer hard nylon part of the back pack is really just for design and doesn’t really add any functionality. It is more muted than it looks online so it doesn’t scream Alienware. I really like the look and feel of the backpack.Time will tell how long it will last. It feels like a quality backpack and considering the size of the Alienware 15r4 you really need something custom made for it’s unique size and weight. I like to keep my laptop in a bag when I am not using it just to keep it in good shape and have learned over the years that by keeping my laptops in a good bag when not in use they stay in better condition for longer. If you are going to go anywhere then having a bag properly fitted for your laptop pays for itself very quickly. One drop or another bag or something else falls on your laptop and it can get damaged pretty quickly. Unless you have the accidental warranty a bag like this is a must have.I know this is not a cheap backpack but considering the cost of the laptop I feel it is a worthwhile investment to protect my Alienware laptop. This is a highly recommended purchase!!

    Tech nerd

  3. john

    Just got this this today, 8/19/18. Very nice quality. I like the colors. I do programming for commercial A/V, so I have a bunch if crap to stuff in my laptop bag. The rear compartment for the laptop is nice and roomy, even with the giant Alienware 17.3″ laptop I have. To give you an idea on space, this is what I stuffed into mine-Giant laptop power supply1 – bluetooth mouse1 – 10′ extension cord1 – 10′ hdmi cable1 – 4 way power splitter1 – 30′ cat6 cable1 – portable DVD rom1 – wireless 4 port network switch with power supply1 – wired network 4 port switch, with power supply1 – bluray disk (Talladega Nights) for testing videoIn the little pouches on the side I put a couple of thumb drives and a sdcard and sdcard reader, as well as 4 port USB dongle.Even without all this crap stuffed into it, it’s a pretty heavy bag to start with. So it’s pretty heavy with all my gear, cables, and the alienware laptop in it. But if you care about how heavy it is, you shouldn’t have bought an alienware laptop.This is a very nice bag. I will update after a few months to see how it holds up with all this stuff crammed in it.


  4. Mecha Monster

    I got the Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack back in march 2018. I had it for about 6 months. I used to carry a R3 17.3″ laptop + books/documents + personal hygiene products. I always put the backpack in the trunk of my car. Anyhow. I was involved in a car accident; a truck rear-ended me, totaling my car. The full backpack was in the car during the accident. It was shredded to pieces (I mean, nothing in the trunk could have survived the crash) but it still hold within its contents (passport, visa, etc). The laptop was broken and unfixable, but I am sure that the backpack gave the liiiitle bit amount of protection it required to save the hard-drive. I lost a lot of things, but the Vindicator gave its life to keep safe my documents and data.Now I am back ready to buy another one :)Extra: I really like that when it is fully loaded, it can easily stand perfectly still by its own; proud and imponent

    Mecha Monster