Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee 100 % Premium Arabica Coffee 40 oz. (Pack of 2)

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Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee 100 % Premium Arabica Coffee 40 oz. (Pack of 2)

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  1. Billie Jean

    This is really great coffee. We have brewed the same brand for nearly 50 years, then we went to our daughter’s home one day and she served us the most delicious coffee. It was Dunkin’ Donuts. As soon as we finished our old brand, we immediately bought Dunkin’ Donuts Brand and find it starts our morning off really great.

    Billie Jean

  2. JJ

    A little disappointing that the price on this item has crept up. I found this product for about $3 per bag less on Boxed with free shipping over $50 order. This price does fluctuate so it’s best if you know your prices before ordering. I can say that it is always fresh and I do love ordering on amazon vs. looking up prices but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to buy if it’s more:-)


  3. picky shopper

    I just opened this coffee. The packaging did not have the same look and feel of other (same) product I have ordered before. Upon opening, I was not greeted by the rich aroma of Dunkin Donuts coffee I have come to love…rather it was more like cheap coffee. I made a pot and was VERY disappointed. It brewed more like cheap coffee – very bitter without any rich aroma. Either the product is a defective batch or it is not the real thing. I will buy elsewhere going forward.

    picky shopper

  4. Amazon Customer

    Ordered 2 bags, got the equivalent in smaller bags with different color packaging. Coffee was just fine, so no issues. Supplier even included a note to let you know it was same coffe and apologized for inconvenience.

    Amazon Customer

  5. JAM

    Not a coffee drinker so cannot describe the flavor… just that my spouse won’t buy anything else.


  6. Not too old

    Love the coffee.The last few orders we got five one pound bags instead of the 40 ounce ones. Strained my brain for moment to figure out it’s exactly the same amount.

    Not too old

  7. Barb w.

    We love this coffee and have purchased from this vendor several times. This was the last time as we had one bag that failed to seal at the factory. They refused to take it back, replace nor credit out account.

    Barb w.

  8. Joseph Baker

    Called Dunkin With upc and said it wasn’t there’s. Says not for resell on the bag. Won’t drink it and according to sight I can’t return it.

    Joseph Baker