Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 30.5 Ounces (Pack of 6)

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100 in stock

Wake up to the fresh aroma of Folgers Classic Roast coffee. Each sip delivers the rich, smooth flavor that’s been brewing for generations. Experience the timeless tradition of Folgers in every cup.

Pre-ground for easy brewing
Medium roasts offer robust taste and full flavor.
Interlocking AromaSeal canister seals tight to lock in freshness
Our Folgers coffee is roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. Idaho Family

    This is our favorite coffee. These are a great buy in a 6 pack on subscribe and save, and the empty cans fit perfectly under the seat in our pickup as an emergency can for when the kid gets nauseated on a car trip.

    Idaho Family

  2. Papa

    I like the fact that the lid comes off when ready to make coffee. I also like the fact that the lid goes back on when you are through.


  3. VasiKing

    Reminds me of that diner cup of coffee.


  4. Randy

    Its folgers. If really need more of an explanation than that, maybe you should look for something fancier. This is straight, basic coffee. Exactly what coffee should be.


  5. Leah Blevins

    My hubby wanted to donate to their office coffee stash and so we subscribed and saved for these so he wouldn’t forget to bring in his contribution. The coffee smelled fresh and tasted good; much better than the average ‘office coffee’. We’re getting this three pack every 4 months for his M-F office needs.

    Leah Blevins

  6. Quipster

    My family loves Folgers classic roast coffee. I think these are a better value than the bigger 48 ounce cans, or 30 ounce cans, because you actually get more coffee. Each can is 22 ounces, and it is a pack of three cans, so you are actually getting 66 ounces of coffee. The flavor is rich, definitely worthy of its name. Smells wonderful when perking, definitely a great part of my day.


  7. Charity Sanchez

    The container is much smaller than I thought. I was expecting to get ones like the large containers at the local store so a bit disappointed in that.

    Charity Sanchez

  8. Jonathan M.

    this hasn’t been around this long because people don’t like it, there is a reason they sell this by the truckload.

    Jonathan M.