Folgers Country Roast Medium Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 25.1 Ounces (Pack of 6)

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Folgers Country Roast is a robust, hearty coffee blend with a carefully balanced, bright flavor. Not too strong, not too mild, it delivers an extraordinarily unique taste that’s sure to start your day off right. Founded in San Francisco, Folgers is an iconic American brand with a history as rich as its coffee. For more than 150 years, Folgers has been the “Best Part of Waken’ Up” with its Mountain Grown beans and fresh, eye-opening aroma. Folgers coffee provides you with consistently rich, pure taste, cup after cup. Our great taste is equally matched by the dedication to bringing you the flavors you love in the format you choose. Some of your favorite Folgers roasts are also available in canisters, K-Cup Pods, instant, individual single serve packets and other convenient formats.

100% pure coffee. Roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana
Interlocking Aroma Seal canister seals tight to lock in freshness

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  1. Gerri

    I was very pleased and surprised I usually by another brand but it was a good choice and the price could not be beat. I just went to the supermarket and it was $1.50 more than I paid.


  2. Stdcam13

    I was hesitant to order coffee from Amazon at first. Exposure to weather elements can change the flavor of coffee and no telling how long it has been sitting on the shelf and what it has been exposed to, but I bought coffee from Amazon! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and packaging! I just started drinking coffee two months ago and have ventured out to try several flavors. This is by far my favorite! I will even let it cool off and pour it over ice and add milk. Its delicious! I had seen others reheat their coffee and I tried it with a different brand and it was gross, BUT I tried it with this purchase and it was delicious. This is my go-to coffee. I prefer a dark roast so you know 🙂 I like the plastic container it comes in too. I use them to put my composted material in and for storage. I can always find a use for these containers!


  3. Dawn Carpenter

    This is for myself. I have a coffee addiction. I need a wake up boast in the morning & this works for me. The one thing I look forward to in the morning is a cup of refreshing coffee & this my friend hits the spot… Thank-you. -Dawn

    Dawn Carpenter

  4. Rita

    I bought several cans of coffees and 2 of my cans were not fresh at all. I contacted amazon but they ever got back with me and I even wrote to Folgers. I have given them enough time to respond back before I posted this review.


  5. NMSam

    I discovered this blend years ago. If you like regular Folgers you probably won’t like this. This is actually good coffee. I’m used to Starbucks and other better coffees. I grind my own beans. This is really good off the shelf ground coffee. I suspect some of the negative reviews are from regular Folgers drinkers who are used to their coffee tasting like cigarette butts. I like my fresh ground better, but considering what this is it comes in way higher on my list than I would have ever thought.


  6. Colleen M.

    Update: not what I ordered but my husband likes it so for the price we’re ordering it again. I ordered folgers black silk and received French roast instead – which personally I don’t like French roast that’s why I didn’t order it. However, going back to my original order I now see the original ad has been changed as shown in the picture below. It still shows the can of Black Silk BUT the caption now shows French roast.

    Colleen M.

  7. Jan

    Wasn’t too sure about trying the Brazilian coffee at first. Never been a big fan of most Folgers coffees. But for budget reasons had to find something cheaper but didn’t want to give up full flavor. This is really it. It is full bodied and robust. It has no bitter bite to it that some darker roasts have, and no burnt smell or taste. Very smooth and not oily. Definitely will hold up to some of the higher end coffees I was used to using and a faction of the price.


  8. Achiever

    This is one of those coffee jars I bought which I never got to finish it. It has stayed on my shelf for many months and I rarely touched it. It does not taste good at all.To improve its taste, what I tried, was that I ground them further. The more fine the ground, the taste gets improved better.It’s strange that I got a bad taste on this Folgers coffee because I did try this brand at my office before. I liked it, which was the reason I decided to buy this 24.2 oz for home usage. Maybe it was one of those bad batches, but I was very disappointed so far.