Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme, 2 oz

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This rich, rejuvenating crème quenches skin with a shot of high-technology hydration. Ceramides slow water evaporation by forming a healthy barrier on the skin, while hyaluronic and fatty acids help to preserve moisture. Essential daily vitamins A, C and E provide ultra-nourishment and rescue dull, dry skin while soothing redness, sensitivity and irritation. This intensive formula contains an ultra-effective and highly stable form of vitamin C that brightens skin and supports collagen.Physician formulated for:Aging skin, Dry, dehydrated skin, Redness-prone skin.


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  1. Shiree D Cohen

    I first discovered Image Skin Care when I was looking for a sunscreen I could wear on my face daily. I HATE every sunscreen I have ever tried for my face. They feel weird, smell weird, don’t go on well underneath my make up, or the spf is like 5 and basically ineffective. I know I am reviewing the repair creme here, but I will get to that in a minute. The Prevention + (spf 50) daily ultimate protection moisturizer is HANDS DOWN the greatest skin care product I have ever encountered. I was so obsessed I used it in the morning and at night because not only does it smell amazing (not perfumey at all, it barely has any fragrance–I like it because it doesn’t smell like sunscreen) but it made my skin feel fresh and clean, and somehow it even made my skin significantly clearer when I used it consistently. And by the way, I love it so much I have bought it as gifts many, many times, and the recipients have always loved it, used it all, and bought more.I decided to branch out and look for something that might be a little be more moisturizing and helpful for my skin the long run. I am nearing my late twenties and feel like it is time to start doing something preventatively as I am noticing the appearance of some very fine lines. I bought this hydrating repair creme because I wanted to try something else by Image Skincare. Well, when I first purchased it I was mildly disappointing. It is much heavier than the sunscreen (which is light as a feather) so it didn’t feel the way I expected. However, it does smell amazing. It smells like fresh oranges. I used it maybe once or twice here and there when my skin got really dry, but otherwise I put it away in a drawer and forgot about it. I continued with my sunscreen day and night routine.Recently I started getting more into make up and reading books, watching tutorials, etc. One of the books I read stated that great looking make up starts with taking care of your skin. It emphasized the importance of moisturizing and using eye cream, which I have basically never done aside from my beloved sunscreen. Giving in to my curiosity to see if more moisturized skin actually made any different to how my make up goes on, I started using this forgotten cream on a nightly basis. I can’t remember exactly what day I started this, but it has been maybe 1-2 weeks. I CANNOT believe the difference it has made!I haven’t specifically noticed a difference with my make up since I’ve changed what make up I wear as well, but what I can’t believe is how different my skin looks! All of my fine lines that were bugging me are gone. Like they were never even there. Specifically one above my lip that was clearly the start of a lip wrinkle (lip wrinkles run rampant in my family–sorry, mom). It has vanished. My skin just looks much healthier and younger. It is smooth and soft, and I feel like the color of my complexion is better. I am so bummed I didn’t give this product a chance when I first got it. It doesn’t work overnight (as I clearly expected it to before) but it makes quite a difference very quickly! I can’t wait to see how things change in a few more weeks! In no way did I expect this product to make the difference that it has. I just expected it to keep things from getting dry.I haven’t had good luck with previous attempts at moisturizers like this. I have sensitive skin that breaks out VERY easily. All of the other kinds of cream/moisturizers like this that I have tried made me break out. This one does not.I am obsessed with this brand. And you will be too! In my opinion, worth EVERY penny. I am going to buy the larger size when this one runs out.

    Shiree D Cohen

  2. M. Korkowski

    BUYER BEWARE! I have been using Image Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme for the last year, since my local dermatologist recommended it. I had been purchasing the product at the dermatologist’s office, then I noticed that Amazon sells it for about $20 less per jar. So, I started buying the product through Amazon to save a few dollars. I didn’t notice any difference right away; the packaging looked the same, the product looked the same, and it also smelled the same (a delightful orange scent.) I purchased a couple of jars online which I’ve used over the last few months and recently noticed my skin seemed dull and my wrinkles more pronounced. I figured I was just aging and no product could help!I was about to order another jar of Vital C online, and that’s when I read other reviews that stated Image Skincare does not sell their products online. I confirmed that by checking out their website.Still not convinced (I’m soooo skeptical of overpriced gougers) I decided to do a side by side product test. I purchased a jar of Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme at my local dermatologist’s office for $54, then took it home to make the comparison with a $32 jar purchased through Amazon. Here’s what I found:The packaging was identical.The Ingredients (as listed) were identical.Their was no discernible difference between the color, consistency or fragrance of the two products.HOWEVER: when I put the product from the dermatologist’s office on my face, I immediately noticed a HUGE difference! I could feel the product stinging a bit and it felt completely different on my skin than the stuff I’d been purchasing online. That was the way I remember Vital C feeling the first time I used it after purchasing it at my dermatologist’s office. (BTW that stinging is why I can only use the Image Ageless line about once per week – if you’ve ever tried the Ageless line, you know what I’m talking about!)In summary, I wish I could report that I’d done the comparison in the blind – not knowing which product was which. But, I must say, that I’m positive I would have chosen the product purchased at the dermatologist’s office over the stuff sold on Amazon. I will no longer be purchasing this product online, regardless of the savings.

    M. Korkowski

  3. Amazon Customer

    I needed something that was moisturizing enough to stop the excess oil production while not clogging my pores. I was told to use this after a facial I had done. I cringed at the $60 price tag but was desperate to find something that would work for me. Thankfully this product did the trick.

    Amazon Customer

  4. greatest nana

    I have very dry skin in much need of hydration. This is an amazing light weight cream that works perfectly for my specific skin type.

    greatest nana

  5. Amazon Customer

    This product made my skin have a reaction and I’ve been using it for 5 years.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Stephanie Cordova

    I was introduced to IMAGE skincare a few years back and my skin dramatically changed for the better. I have used Vital C moisturizing serum and this one. I feel like this one is better if you have dryer skin that needs the extra moisture. I recently moved up North where its colder and my skin doesn’t get as oily as it was down south so this is perfect. I also like that it comes in a jar so you don’t have to worry about a pump not working or it leaking. Orange smell is also a plus to me.

    Stephanie Cordova

  7. Rainbow94

    After having had a facial recently including all the Image C products, and being assured they would not irritate my redness prone and sensitive skin, I bought all the products used, including this cream. So far I am happy. My skin drinks it up without irritation. Only docked one star because the price is very high IMO. i feel as if Vit C products should not cost this much.


  8. tennismom

    Just had a facial at a local spa that uses Image products. To buy it there was the same price, $69. Anyone back in the day that paid less was getting a fake. They dont discount their products and if they do be suspicious. Its a great cream. Will continue buying.