McCafe Premium Roast Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods, 84 Count (Pack of 1)

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McCafe Premium Roast Medium Coffee K-Cup Pods let you enjoy the McCafe experience at home or at work. Delivering a smooth and balanced flavor, this delicious medium roast coffee is perfect for sipping throughout the day. This 100% Arabica coffee is carefully harvested from the rich soils and mountainous regions of Central and South America. Brew a cup of McCafe premium roast coffee in all Keurig 1.0 & 2.0 brewing systems. This box of K Cups includes individually sealed pods for single-serve brewing. Try McCafe and experience the McDonalds coffee experience and taste in the comfort of your own home.

Smooth and balanced
100% arabica coffee
For use in all keurig k-cup brewers
84-count single serve k-cups. Kosher

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2.1 overall

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Received these in a cardboard box with all the expiration dates rubbed off. I will be returning these immediately. Very disappointed.

    Amazon Customer

  2. lesley bradley bynum

    I am so disappointed the first order was perfect tastes just like it should my 2nd order was completely bootleg and i was so upset but company quickly made right and I got a full refund but I was out of coffee so i wait a few months and try again then I get a box out of three so far 1 pod is good the others look just like the bootleg coffee i purchased and I am really mad I spend my money and get bootleg items legally I will directly contact amazon and the mcdonalds brand because this is not funny anymore now I have to send this back and look for a different coffee for real this time I will not purchase this agin.

    lesley bradley bynum

  3. Ronald S Wade

    I’ve ordered these several times and been very satisfied. This time they came in a generic brown cardboard box and the cups were dated 2014. I started to return them but decided to see if they had a bad taste and I was satisfied enought to keep them. In the future, I would like fresh coffee and in the McCafe box so I know they aren’t leftover from someone that had previously opened them. Thanks for caring about the quality enough to request this survey.

    Ronald S Wade

  4. Cesar

    My second order came in a brown box unlike the first one that had a nice colorful label. Did not make much of it until I almost ran out of the first one and looked for the the expiration date. Upon close inspection, and comparing the first almost empty k-cups realized that the new brown box did not have an expiration date. I carefully inspected the new k-cups and noticed that the dates had been wiped clean. You can see the non glossy spot on all the units. Is this best practice how they get rid of expired product? Shameful and deceitful.


  5. Chelle

    For the purposes of calibration, we normally drink Starbucks Breakfast Blend. Yeah, yeah, I know. Haters gonna hate. But that’s what we like. Full flavor with no bitterness.For further calibration, we think that Starbucks House Blend is bitter, although it does have a bold flavor.We’ve been looking for a less expensive alternative, however.We tried McCafe Breakfast Blend and I really liked it (no bitterness, good flavor, although it could be more bold). My husband thought it wasn’t flavorful enough, however.This time we tried the McCafe Premium Roast and, as Goldilocks would say, “This one is just right.”It’s half the price of Starbucks, has no bitterness, and the flavor is pleasing to both of us.This morning, my husband said, “Yeah, I can drink this. This’ll work.” (For him, that’s like doing a cartwheel.)If your taste for coffee is similar to ours you’ll be well pleased by the McCafe Premium Roast.


  6. VDAWG&Vandelay

    I purchased the McDonald’s K Cups during a Deal of the Day promotion. Glad it was on sale, otherwise would have returned it. I’m a K-Cup Fan, LOVE the quality of coffee it produces. I’ve purchased K-Cups from a wide spectrum of brands, and Costco usually is the single best value, with a price per cup that rare to no one beats every day. When the McDonalds cups were Deal of the Day, the price was GREAT, and thought it was a great opportunity to try the same coffee I like at McD’s. Unfortunately, this coffee is NOT anywhere close to the in-restaurant product. Starbucks K Cups, are excellent, the coffee is in-line with in store. Consistent. This McDonald’s product is weak, has a slight acidic after taste. It’s NOT an enjoyable cup of coffee, and if not for the discounted price, I would have shipped it back. My worry was – “Is this close to being out of code? Is it old?”. No – it’s not. That was the only explanation that would be acceptable. Otherwise, the packers are simply using an inferior blend, maybe even “just for the Deal of the Day”. The mistake though, is I will NEVER buy this again, and in the 10 years I’ve had a Keurig, the worst tasting product I’ve ever brought. SORRY to McDonald’s (I’m a McGriddle Fan!). You need to get your name off of this item.


  7. cheryl r.

    I purchased these for my husbands Keurig on a daily deal in October. He used up his current stock of K-cups first before trying these. He began having coffee grounds in every single cup so we thought it was our Keurig. After multiple cleanings (watching YouTube videos and trying everything Keurig recommended) we decided the Keurig was shot. So we ordered a new one here on Amazon only to discover grounds again. Lo and behold the Keurig machine was fine, It was the pods. We can use any pods but these. So now we have two Keurig’s and a lot of useless coffee pods.

    cheryl r.

  8. RTT

    If you like medium roast coffee and have a Keurig machine, you will really like the coffee you drink. The big BUT here is that the K-cups have unnecessary plastic. San Francisco Bay “Fog Chaser” tastes very similar to McCafe Premium Roast but their “cups” are much better for the environment. Both McCafe and San Francisco Bay products are available on Amazon.