Microsoft Arc Mouse (ELG-00001) Black

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Slim, Light and Ready to Travel: Ultra-slim and lightweight, Microsoft Arc Mouse goes anywhere without the weight or bulk of traditional mice. What’s more, you can snap it flat and easily slip it in your back pocket or bag for travel. The Microsoft Arc Mouse connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth. One of our most Innovative Design, Refined: The Microsoft Arc Mouse features an audible, satisfying snap. Simply snap the Arc Mouse into its curved position to power up. Snap again to flatten and power down. The overall design is optimized for the most comfortable, natural interaction. Intuitive Interactions: Microsoft Arc Mouse lets you scroll both vertically and horizontally for easier, more intuitive navigation. Plus, enjoy precise tracking, with optimized left and right click. Beautifully Crafted: Microsoft Arc Mouse features a slim, smooth, unobtrusive design that’s easy on the eyes and fits beautifully within your workspace. From scroll plane to tail, the Arc Mouse is soft to the touch and meticulously crafted to sit comfortably in your hand. Choose from 4 rich colors to complement your device and your personal style. Compatibility – Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 . Must be Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

Ultra slim and lightweight. Battery life: Upto 6 months
Snaps flat and slips easily into a pocket or bag
Innovative full scroll plane lets you scroll both vertically. Wireless range: 32.8 feet (10 meters) in open area, and 16.4 feet (5 meters) in office environment
Dimensions: 5.17 x 2.17 x 0.56 inches. Weight: 2.91 ounces (including batteries). Battery: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8. Must be Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Wireless frequency 2.4 GHz frequency range

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  1. Scott Isaacs

    I ordered the blue one, which was back-ordered, so it took nearly three months to get. That’s not a ding on the quality of the mouse, but was disappointing.After using the mouse for a few hours I have only one gripe. Because of decades of using two-button mice, I keep two fingers on the mouse. In order to right-click, I have to lift my index finger off the mouse completely. Otherwise, the click is registered as a left-click, even if clicking on the right side of the mouse. I’d hope that a driver update can cause click location detection to take priority over the presence of a second finger on the mouse.Otherwise the mouse is smooth and sleek. I’ve been using the previous versions of the Arc for the better part of a decade and have been happy with them. I suspect that I will (unfortunately) get used to having to lift my left finger to right click, but will hope that Microsoft decides to make this behavior more natural soon instead.Be sure to download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app from It allows you configure the buttons, a three-finger click, scroll direction, etc. The mouse works normally without it, but you have a few more configuration options with it.

    Scott Isaacs

  2. Jonathan

    As a long-time techie and gamer, I’ve been through a few PC accessories. Lately, in terms of mice, I’ve settled on the Logitech G600 MMO mouse, which is great for both gaming and productivity at my desktop.I recently picked up a Surface Book for travel/school/portable computing. I love the trackpad, as it’s the best of any device I’ve used – it’s spacious, it’s precise, and it supports a decent number of multi-touch gestures, which are really quite neat. However, I wanted a portable mouse for precision and for light gaming, but I needed something light, portable, and wireless. I was also especially looking for a flatter mouse that would comfortably fit in my laptop case without a bulge. Thus, I decided to give the Surface Arc Mouse a try (in light grey, to match my Book).Design: 4/5 – The mouse’s design is sleek, minimalist, and creative. I have to give props to the Microsoft team for building a folding mouse, which is a great solution for a portable mouse which is easy to pack away. It’s also quite aesthetically pleasing. However, I’m docking a point for the single-button design. While I understand that the primary purpose of this mouse is for portability, having to pick up all but one finger to right click (or to pull an additional finger to middle click) is inconvenient. That’s also not to mention the fact that I can’t play shooters, as I can’t hold right click to aim. I did know this going into the purchase, though.Performance: 5/5 – I haven’t had enough time with the mouse to investigate the bluetooth connectivity issues that other reviewers have mentioned. The mouse is quite easy and simple to use (pairing is incredibly easy), and I love that it’s bluetooth, which doesn’t require an additional dongle or cable. The tracking takes a bit to get used to, as the sensor’s at your fingertips rather than in the middle of the mouse – using this mouse, I realized how much I use my wrist, palm, and side fingers to make precise movements. The tracking is acceptable once you get used to that, though.Features: 2/5 – My greatest gripe with this mouse is that its features are very limited, especially when compared to the Surface trackpad. Before I get into that, I’ll discuss the pros: the highly marketed touch scrolling is fantastic and well-implemented, in my opinion, and I appreciate that I can change sensitivity/direction using Mouse and Keyboard Center. I also love that I can have multiple fingers on there and only need to move one finger to scroll. However, some of Microsoft’s design decisions were a bit questionable, namely the single-button design (and not including a click-on-tap feature). I have to raise my other fingers to right click, and I have to pull my ring finger over on top of the mouse to middle click (another MKC feature). I also can’t simultaneously left and right click, nor can I use either click with the middle mouse button (which is generally okay since you can scroll while clicking). My biggest gripe, though, is the lack of touch gestures like those available on the touchpad, and the lack of options in using the mouse. I would love to be able to use three- or four-finger gestures to switch apps or control my music, and I really think the mouse could be so much better if that were possible.Value: 3/5 – Ultimately, I’d argue that the extra cost of this mouse over other portable bluetooth mice comes from a few sources: the flat design, the bending feature, touch scrolling, and Microsoft branding. In terms of raw performance, many other mice will do significantly better than this one at a similar price. I personally think I paid a bit more than the mouse was worth ($63), but for me it was worth it as a fun gadget with a nice design that I can toss into my laptop case without second thoughts. I intend to use it for a bit longer before updating my review, at which point I think I’ll be able to say whether it was truly worth it or not.


  3. Capricorn One

    Surface Arc Mouse – Light GreyI ordered the Surface Arc Mouse with high expectations. I previously had a Microsoft 5000 mouse (came with keyboard) and it suddenly decided to drop connections with my laptop. I had hoped this would be a great substitute.Pros: Item arrived quickly and packaged in a box with instructions. Pairing the Bluetooth was extremely easy. The design of this mouse is awesome, with the ability to go snap flat and automatically shut off and then snap up to automatically connect. Three buttons on the front are programmable, front, back, and middle you set for what you’d like. Scrolling is a breeze, just move your fingers up to make it go. It lets you scroll lets you scroll both vertically and horizontally. The look is sleek and beautiful. It doesn’t need a mouse pad and is easy to store.Cons: It just gave me so much pain to use this mouse. Pain from the middle finger on down to my wrist. I attempted different hand settings and tried so hard to make it work. In the end, it was just too painful for me. I am a power user and spend a considerable amount of time writing and coding on a laptop. It is not a full size mouse as I had hoped. The Microsoft wireless 5000 is 2.77 x 4.59 x 1.66 in and for some reason no one has a wireless mouse with those dimensions.

    Capricorn One

  4. Gqsmooth1981

    This is the best mouse that I have ever used. It was extremely fast to pair and dummy proof. I don’t know why anyone would give this mouse anything less than 5 stars unless you’re plan old electronically challenged. I got my mouse yesterday and I bent it so it arched and then I went to settings on my Surface Pro 2017, then went to Bluetooth settings, add device, and viola it showed up and I just paired the two and that was it. Now I’m able to use the mouse on any surface’s. Right now I’m using it on my bed and it still works. I know it’s stupid but I like doing work on my bed bc it’s so comfortable. But the mouse fits perfectly in my palm and it easily turns off by flattening the mouse for easy storage. I also bought a hard shell carrying case so I can put it in my backpack and bring it to work without worrying about it being damaged. I have nothing bad to say about the device. It works as described and I love the fact you can scroll horizontally and/or vertically just buy touching the front part of the mouse. I love the fact it does not have a scroll wheel. I give this device a 5 thumbs up if you can afford it. Because it uses the BT in your SP or Surface device, you don’t have to worry about carrying around a dongle and losing it. It also saves a usb slot for something else. The scrolling is just magical. It’s very sensitive and it’s really easy to scroll on each page.I love this thing. It’s perfect for my Surface Pro 2017!