Ovente Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror 9.5 Inch with 10X Magnification and LED Ring Lights, Energy Saving with Auto Shutoff Timer, Double-Sided with 360 Degree Swivel Design, Polished Chrome (MLW45CH1X10X)

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Enhance Your Home’s Glamour Factor for Less!
SLEEK, MODERN, STYLISH – Creates a luxurious focal point while brightening and opening up small spaces. It also hides wall imperfections behind its high-grade stainless steel base.
DIMMABLE LED LIGHTS – Last longer and use less electricity than all other types of lighting, helping you save money.
PRACTICAL – Its extending arm is ideal for rooms with limited space, giving it an opulent spa-like ambience. It also has a 15 min timer so it shuts itself off for you—in case you forget—to save energy.
BATTERY AND/OR USB ADAPTER OPERATED – It’s up to you to decide how you want to use it! The 2-port USB adapter allows you to simultaneously charge your smartphone while using your mirror.
1-YEAR WARRANTY on Domestic (USA) Repairs and Replacements on workmanship and materials from date of purchase from authorized reseller. International inquiries please contact manufacturer customer service directly for better assistance.


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  1. Mena

    The lighted mirror is exactly what my wife was looking for to support our bathroom remodel. She’s very happy.My favorable opinion, however, is based on the company’s remarkable customer service. Our mirror was damaged during transport. The company went out of their way to ‘make it right.’My wife recommends the mirror. I recommend the company. We’ll gladly buy from Ovente again; we recommend them without reservation.


  2. Wen

    Installed this mirror today & love it! Nice solid quality materials. Went up easily & looks great. I was looking for a mirror with decent lighting and magnification and that’s exactly what this item delivers. It’s so nice to be able to see well without having to hunch over the tabletop mirror that I was using. I found this item to be well designed and affordable. Profile is 1.25 inch thick, so not as clumsy looking as similar models. I shopped around a long time, and am glad I found this one. I highly recommend.


  3. Jarkay

    Best wall mirror we’ve found (after a looking a lot and testing some others) for our purposes. The swing arm is solidly made, mounting is sturdy and the mirror itself is somewhat lighter than some others. The mirror is clear, light is very even and not glaring but we don’t always need it. It’s easy to see the undistorted magnified image and it tilts smoothly and holds position so people of different heights can easily use it. In our small bathroom placement situation, we needed to keep it from swinging out too far from a side wall adjacent to the vanity so it wouldn’t get in the way of a mirrored cabinet door. We used a small, almost invisible zip-tie to hold the bent arm from opening out completely and we still have more than enough swing for adjustments.


  4. Lucy H

    While the product was exactly what I had been looking for I was disappointed to finally get it mounted and ready to use only to find out that it did not work. Thinking it would not be an issue to exchange the mirror I contacted Ovente to get a replacement. When I did not hear from them on my initial inquiry I contacted them by phone. They said they had emailed me but I had not received it. I asked that they re-send the email which they did the next day. They asked that I register the product which I had, provide them with the original invoice which I did not think was an unreasonable request, asked for my mailing address in a very specific format and a short video demonstrating what the issue was. I thought the video was a tad bit excessive but I obliged by demonstrating the loose connection on the circuit board of the base unit. I received an email from Ovente customer service today thanking me for the information but unfortunately they will not be able to replace the unit for me because I voided the warranty by taking off the back cover to demonstrate what the issue was. Because I am a “valued” customer they are willing to offer me a new mirror for $75.00 after I’ve already paid over $90.00 for this one. I find this to be extremely poor customer service and only because of this would not be willing to recommend their products to others.

    Lucy H

  5. Deanna Pinno

    Really wish I had listened to the reviews that said the magnification was terrible you can only see if your right up on top of the mirror worst purchase from Amazon ever

    Deanna Pinno


    I ordered this mirror based on the style and the fact it offers both BATTERY or PLUG-IN power options. I previously owned a different brand, non-lighted, wall-mirror and am familiar with the use of a magnifying mirror and the fact that the greater the magnification, the closer one must be in order for the image to be in focus. I see from other reviews that many believed there must be “something wrong” with the magnified side and returned their mirror, not understanding how to use a magnifier. I have given this mirror an initial 5-Stars as the mirror’s primary user, indicating I am very pleased with the fit and finish, the ease of use and the quality of both mirrors. My husband installed Lithium batteries, as recommended, and I was pleased that the light remained the same either with batteries or plugged in. Oh, don’t forget to turn OFF the light when using batteries, as it is NOT auto-off. I will return again in 6 months to a year to give an updated review so you will know how it has performed. For now, my husband has something to say about the mirror’s installation.INSTALLATION: 1) When you have located the exact location for your mirror, hold the base against the wall and mark the wall at the very top, center of the base. You will use this mark to line-up the top of the mounting bracket so you can then mark the location for the 3 mounting screws in step 3. The instructions were not clear about loosening/removing the wall mounting bracket. The wall bracket comes tightly pre-installed in the mirror base using the bottom bolt. There is no mention of the double-nuts (or their function) installed on the bottom bolt, which also make removal of the wall bracket a little more difficult than it should have been. 2) Use a standard #2 Phillips-head screwdriver to carefully loosen the bottom bolt then remove the wall bracket; also I would recommend NOT completely removing this bolt, as my guess is that the double-nuts are there to hold the battery compartment in place. Before installing the wall bracket, you may also want to “practice” placing the mirror base back onto the wall bracket to ensure you have the bottom bolt loose enough. It also helps to have a small “Level” if you want to install the wall bracket perfectly level. 3) Using the mark you placed on the wall in step 1, line up the top of the mounting bracket level with the mark on the wall and mark the 3 locations for the mounting hardware. The included mounting hardware is for installation on a 2X4 stud wall with drywall – if you are installing on drywall over a block or concrete type wall, you may need 3 shorter (1 1/4″) screws (and drywall sleeves if you are NOT installing to a stud), as furring strips are half as wide (3/4″) as wall studs (1 1/2″) and the included screws will hit the concrete and most likely break off. 4) If you will be mounting only to the drywall (no stud/furring strip below the drywall), drill the 3 holes for the drywall sleeves as indicated and gently tap the appropriate size drywall sleeves in place. 5) Using the appropriate size screws, install the wall bracket using either the 3 marks placed in step 3 over a stud/furring strip OR the 3 installed drywall sleeves. Yes, an electric screwdriver makes installing the wall bracket with its 3 screws easier, but is not required. 6) After the wall bracket is securely mounted, place the mirror base onto the installed wall bracket then tighten the bottom bolt securely. (NOTE: Ignore Step 5 of the Instructions, as it makes no sense.) You will need a standard #2 Philips handheld screwdriver to tighten the bottom bolt. Overall, once you have the correct size installation screws, the installation is a breeze. The battery compartment is easily accessible once the mirror is mounted. AA lithium batteries can be found in a camera department/store and are more expensive than alkaline (but are recommended by manufacturer). I followed the advice of a previous reviewer and checked the operation of the LED lights BEFORE installation, first with batteries, and then using the included power supply, which is a 2.1 amp mobile phone charger which ALSO has an EXTRA CHARGING PORT for charging your phone.


  7. Nick Armenta

    The magnification is great, however the light is very dim. When the batteries are new, the light is nice and bright for about a week of uses each morning- after that It starts to dim, hardly worth turning on the light. I like everything about this but brightness of the light. We installed against door trim so plugging it in is not an option and sort of defeats the purpose of being “cordless”, wish we had thought about the cord jack being accessible before installing.

    Nick Armenta