Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse: 16, 000 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma RGB Lighting – 7 Programmable Buttons – Mechanical Switches – Up to 50 Hr Battery Life – Gears of WAR 5 Edition

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Razer Mamba wireless – right-handed wireless gaming mouse – Gears of War 5

High-precision 16, 000 DPI optical sensor: offers on-the-fly sensitivity Adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming
Customizable Chroma RGB color profiles: includes 16. 8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles
Improved, ergonomic Design: rubberized side grips reduce fatigue over long use sessions
Ridged, rubberized scroll wheel for maximum accuracy: small, tactile bumps increases grip and helps with more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations
7 programmable buttons: allows for reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse
Multi-day Battery: lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge with lighting disabled

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  1. yeahOK

    I’ve always loved the shape of the Mamba mice. My only complaint was generally the laser PTE (sensor would jump slightly when you lifted the mouse and put it back down). Now they are using the PMW 3389 which is Razer’s version of the 3360 and arguably one of the best optical sensors out.I have always preferred wireless mice, but they have always had huge trade offs in the past such as being heavy, poor battery life, and connection issues. The hyperflux is really, really cool. Since the mouse has a capacitor instead of a battery, it’s very light weight (96 grams) and never needs to be charged. The trade off here is that since it doesn’t have a battery, you have to use it with the mouse mat so it can get power unless you want to plug in the USB cord for wired mode. For me it’s a non-issue since I don’t plan on travelling with it. Some people are complaining about the size of the mouse mat, but it’s more than big enough for me as I typically use a steelseries qck pad (normal size) and this is bigger than that. The lowest DPI setting I use for FPS games is 800, so I’m not going to run out of mouse pad space, but your mileage may vary depending on what DPI you use.I have had zero lag with this thing and it never loses connection. Some reviews here say that you can’t use it anywhere near anything metallic and I think that is a little overboard. It will probably have issues on all metal desk if it is sitting on top of metal, but my pull out keyboard tray has metal guide rails that are within a mm of the mouse pad and it has no issues with them at all. In fact, the majority of my desk is metal that is all in very close proximity to the mouse pad. Just make sure what the pad sits on is not metal and I’m sure you will be fine.For me this is pretty much the perfect mouse. It’s expensive, but it combines the best of everything I am looking for with very few trade offs in my opinion. I hope they keep it up with this direction and sensor choice as it just an awesome experience from form to function.


  2. Jin225

    So if you are looking for reliability then I would pass on this.When I first got this I thought finally a wireless mouse without the weight of the battery.I thought: Razer know what they are doing pushing out this new tech. And I have all Razer peripheries.It would randomly disconnect from the pad and would spend almost 10 sec to reconnect.Imagine playing a competitive multiplayer and the mouse stop working.And it happens way more frequent than I first thought if I had to quantify it once every 25 min of heavy gaming.


  3. D. Bradley

    There is a giant flaw in this product, and I’ll go into detail later. The TLDR is this: The battery inside the mouse will last at best 15 seconds off the mouse pad. Once you get it back on the pad, it can take 5-10 seconds before it starts responding again. Which is always great when you are gaming and inadvertently go off the mouse pad. You lose your ability to game for several critical seconds.This is marketed as a gaming mouse. And it meets that criteria for the most part – it can handle very high resolution movements, it is stylish, multiple buttons, etc. It does the custom RGB LEDs on both the mouse and pad.I’ve had this mouse for about 6 months. These are my impressions:Positives: It looks cool and the LEDs are stylist. The DPI step up/downs are fantasitic. The mousepad is nice, it’s heavy, the mat is reversible to change between a hard plastic surface and a fabric surface.The negatives:The mouse is very lightweight. This makes it easy to move but it also makes it easy to move to much. It has a cheap feel to it because of the weight… it just doesn’t feel like it’s well constructed.The software that drives the LEDs is junk. First, it requires updates like every other freaking day. That is annoying as heck. Second, it REQUIRES a username and password to use. WHAT? It also requires internet access! Third, they state that software this just programs the device with the patterns you design, but in practice that’s not how it works. If you fail to load the software, the LEDs slowly flash on and off in a variety of colors. The mouse/pad will not keep it loaded once you reboot.My experience with the poor quality left me feeling ripped off. The left button wore out within a few months. The battery on the mouse only lasts a few seconds off the pad, and sometimes it just stops working altogether, prompting you to unplug the USB from the pad and straight into the “wireless” mouse.Issues with support:I’ve been working with technical support for about a month to RMA this expensive mouse so I can game with it. They are not negative at all but they are extremely slow. Supports response time between emails varies between about 3 days and 2 weeks per exchange. Their auto-response when you send an email states they’ll get back to you in 24 hours… this is a lie. It’s 3 days minimum.When I finally got my RMA instructions, I found out they don’t cross ship, so you have to mail them the mouse and pad (they actually asked for me to send it in the original box, after 6 months of ownership!) and wait for them to receive and process the RMA then send you another at their leisure. And since I don’t have a printer (to print the label) or a box to ship the two components, I can’t return it to them easily. I’ve got to do all this from work which is problematic for me.I just bought another wireless gaming mouse (logitech g305) so I can continue using my computer while I ship this unit back to them and wait the 1 or 2 months for them to get it back to me… Between the poor quality, the terrible driving software, and the extremely slow support, I’m considering just throwing it away. Razer… you need to try harder.

    D. Bradley