SilverStone Technology 5.25″ Display with USB 3.1, Multi Card Reader, Fan Speed, and Voltage/Amperage LCD (FP59B)

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FP59 is a multi-functional 5.25″ drive bay with card reader, four power meter USB ports and a fan controller. Its USB ports are available in two high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C, and a dedicated Type-A charging port with support up to 5V/2a for fast charging mobile devices. Each port can be individually monitored via an integrated power meter. For card reader function, the FP59 supports most popular cards such as SD, SDHC, ms, etc. Finally, its fan controller is designed to adjust fan speed via VOLTAGE control for fans with 3pin connector.

Fits in any 5.25″ external Drive bay
Integrated Display for monitoring Voltage and current
5-slot all-in-one card reader supports CF / SD / xd / MS / tf / M2 cards
Three USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub (Type-A x 2, Type-C x 1) and one Fast charging port up to 5V/2A
Adjustable fan speed controller for 3Pin fan

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  1. T. Tozawa

    *I ORIGINALLY RATED THIS PRODUCT A 1-STAR BUT HAVE SINCE UPDATED THE REVIEW (SEE BELOW)*[ Original review starts here… ]As a photographer, I tend to handle large RAW files and USB 3.0 was a must in my new PC build. Although my PC has external USB 3.0 ports which I could connect a card reader to, I wanted an internal one for less clutter. The product has a nice clean look with no manufacturer logo on the front and uses one 19/20 internal USB 3.0 header (so make sure your motherboard supports it.) The CF card is inserted upside down, but this seems to be the norm for most of these type of readers from what I’ve seen (probably due to how the internals have to be orientated for this small size?) Also, removal of the card could be a bit smoother – a slight angle seems to make the CF card catch a bit.After my PC build, this was the only component that didn’t work properly. After updating all drivers, it still wouldn’t work. Only the USB port would work – testing my CF and SD cards would yield no results.I did some research and looking over the manufacturer’s website, I noticed a firmware update that could be applied. However, both of the available firmware updates would not work. The update would state that the device was not found. On the website, there is another user who commented with the same problem of having only the USB port work and being unable to update the firmware. Realizing this wasn’t an isolated problem I decided to e-mail the manufacturer directly. Response was quick and the customer service representative replied saying that he would send me an adapter to properly update the firmware. The quick reply was welcome, a good sign of customer service – but not including this adapter which is needed for any firmware updates is ridiculous. Anyone who doesn’t have the patience to troubleshoot would quickly return this product. Including this adapter and having an instruction manual should be standard.I will update this review once I receive this adapter and try the firmware update. I wanted to put this review out there right now just in case someone else encounters this problem while I try to get this product working. Of course, all this trouble will probably put off potential buyers but according to the other reviewers who received a properly working product, it seems to work well.[ Review update on Nov. 2, 2012 starts here … ]Okay, so here’s the update. The customer service rep who I contacted (Joel) from Silverstone Tek shipped out the adapter and I received it in about 2 days (same state so quick shipping.) The adapter is an onboard USB 2.0 connector (connects to motherboard) to USB 19/20 connector (connects to card reader.) After hooking it up, I booted the PC and it started to automatically install a few drivers (I had originally deleted all the drivers when I first installed it.) I then downloaded the DP04 firmware update from the Silverstone Tek website and proceeded to run the firmware update program. This time it recognized the device and properly updated the firmware without any problems.After restarting the PC, the card reader now works! I was only able to test a SD and CF card but both are now recognized (unlike before) and I was able to transfer files without any problems. In order to test the speed, I used my Sandisk Extreme CF card (rated at 60MB/s) to transfer files to my internal hard drive (not a SSD.) At USB 2.0 speeds, transferring about 7GB worth of RAW photos (350+ files) took roughly 7-8 minutes. Using USB 3.0 it took roughly 1 minute and 30 seconds (reaching up to 70MB/s). A huge improvement in speed.I feel mixed about the overall product since it didn’t originally work right from the start. Since I’m aware of driver/firmware installations and took the initiative to contact the manufacturer, I was eventually able to get the product working fine. But for the average user, they may not go through the trouble of trying to troubleshoot and as soon as it doesn’t work on the first try, I’m sure they would just return the product. Although, if you’re installing this product, you should already have a bit of technical knowledge to try and get it working. The card reader works great now but I obviously can’t give it a full five stars since they really should have included the adapter and simple instructions for updating the firmware. Hopefully my experience will help others who have problems in getting this product to work properly.Good luck!

    T. Tozawa

  2. Brent

    Tried one, had major problems with it, so I returned it and got a replacement. Had just as many problems with the second, so return it also. For example, the sliding knob on the right fell off, the drives would constantly engage and then disconnect, back and forth. And, you can only use 2 drives at the same time; 1 USB and 1 card reader, or a second USB. Wanted to love it, but it just wasn’t worth the time or problems. Very disappointed.


  3. AmazonGreg

    I really wanted this unit (FP59B) to work for me, and the microSD slot was blazingly fast compared to what I’m used to. I knew better then to expect 3.1 USB behind an Inateck USB 3.0 add-in PCIe 5 port card with 3.0 header, but believed the unit would be able to pass through the 3.0 connection. I was wrong about that. All functions except the card reader were dead on my trusty ASUS P8P67 rig with the Inateck card. I finally reached the conclusion that a 3.1 mother board header is required for this unit. Perhaps the product was upgraded at some point in time, but no effort was put into updating the hardware requirement?The Amazon page for this unit has many reviews and some “Answered Questions” which refer to USB 3.0 inputs. Little mention is made of the 3.1 header and no mention that it is the minimum hardware requirement. If my conclusion is wrong, perhaps the mfg can detail the facts going forward.I installed the latest Inateck driver hoping that would fix any compatibility issues, and updated the FP59B’s firmware from v1203 to v1206 as recommended in the mfg’s email. (Makes me wonder why it didn’t come with the latest firmware preinstalled since the same issue was reported in 2012.)As the card reader function was working, I confirmed the Inatech card was working properly before giving up. The FP59B simply won’t work behind my USB 3.0 header.For anyone wishing to update their firmware, the tool is on the SilverStone site. Another poster said he had to use a cable SilverStone shipped to him, but the mfg’s second email made it clear that their tool works through the units supplied cable hookup, and it did. Their pdf instruction’s images could use an update.My comments when returning the unit to Amazon:Doesn’t work in my PC. Insufficient description of minimum hardware requirements. USB 3.1 MB header required? Will be choosing a replacement after refund. Two contacts w/ Mfg failed to fix.I ended up with a StarTech model 35FCREADBU3, the USB 3.0 version, not the 2.0 version. I posted my review there.I’d planned to use the FP59B in my current box for another year or so and then move it to a new box later. In my next PC build, I’m sure I’ll have a USB 3.1 header, and I might give the FP59B another try. It does have some nice features, and some buyers report no problems.