Starbucks Dark Roast Verismo Coffee Pods — Caffè Verona for Verismo Brewers — 6 boxes (72 pods total)

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This is a coffee of one true love and many names. We created it just for a Seattle restaurant in 1975. And people loved it. So many, in fact, that we began hand-scooping and blending it to order in our stores, where it was known as 80/20 Blend, named for the recipe. The love was so strong, we finally made it official, calling it Verona after the city that inspires so many. By any name, this is a thing of pure romance.

For use exclusively with the Verismo System, these brewed coffee and espresso pods are made from Starbucks coffee perfectly ground and proportioned to deliver the flavors you love from our cafés. Pods are single use only. Never reuse them. Use coffee pods only with the coffee brew cycle. Misuse of pods can damage machine.

Compatible with the Verismo System by Starbucks. Not compatible with other single serve brewing platforms
Caffè Verona Dark Roast is well-balanced and rich with a dark cocoa texture. Pair with dark chocolate to bring out even more sweetness
Verismo pods are made with high-quality arabica coffee beans that are roasted, ground and packaged fresh.Package includes six boxes of 12 Starbucks Caffè Verona Dark Roast Coffee Single Serve Verismo Pods
Dark Italian Roast added for depth

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  1. Anonymous

    Good dark roast. The common price in stores for the smaller 12 packs is about $1.00/pod, so this 72-pack is a decent deal at $0.90/pod. I go through about 12 – 14 per week, so any small cost savings adds up.


  2. Senoj

    I’ve been buying “Verismo Espresso Roast Espresso Single Serve Pods, Dark Roast, 6 boxes of 12” for about 2 years. The coffee is fabulous. My dis-satisfaction is with the new packaging. When I ordered, the product stated, “6 BOXES OF 12” but instead, I received one white cardboard box full of loose single serve pods. I have absolutely no place to store 72 individual pods! (Seller CV Traders)


  3. Coffee

    It says its 6 boxes but instead they throw the 70+ pods in a box and that is how you have to store it.


  4. GokceS

    Arrived in a weird box , all original boxes were opened.


  5. Tech Guy

    I got a big box with pods rather than starbucks boxes with dozen pods. Taste is, mmmm I don;’t know, can’t tell the difference from a mcDonald espresso. AND all of these pods jammed in my Verisimo machine. I rather like 10 times better the taste of Kenya pods bought from starbucks.Don’t think I will buy them again.UPDATE: threw them all in the trash after 2 days …PS:In the description is says: “Package includes six boxes of 12 Starbucks Kenya Espresso Single-Serve Verismo Pods” but really I didn’t get any starbucks boxes, only bulk of pods. I wish I can return them back

    Tech Guy

  6. R. Goodell

    Fantastic strong coffee. I bought the verismo pod system for my husband about five years ago, so we are sort of locked into using Starbucks products anyway, but I love their coffee. Starbucks stop selling the coffee online, and now you have to go get it in their stores, and their stores do not always have it. By buying the coffee here on Amazon, I get it delivered to my house. I do not get to earn stars on my Starbucks card, but this is remarkably cheaper than the Starbucks you buy in the store. And I am spoiled enough to want to wake up in the morning and just throw a pod in a machine, instead of pulling out the French press. So, it’s a tossup, you have to decide whether you want to earn the rewards stars on your Starbucks card or save money on the pods in general. I preferred to save the money.

    R. Goodell

  7. William M

    I received these pods in one box of 72 pods not the normal 6 boxes of 12. This should have been the red flag that I should have sent them back. The pods dripped so slow that I thought my machine was broke. The drip literally took forever. Once I ordered new pods of a different kind I found out it was not my machine as all these pods work perfectly.I think these were damaged pods from broken boxes that sat in the warehouse until there was 72 pods. May have been a long while because I think the pods were old because of the slow drip. I was disappointed that I received the left overs from the warehouse and not what I ordered.

    William M

  8. chad-roscoe

    The coffee produced from these pods is very good. It takes quite a while to brew a full cup of coffee with the Verismo machine I have, but it repeatably produces a good cup of coffee with these pods. I’ve tried some non-Starbucks pods which did not work well. Some of them exploded coffee all over the machine instead of brewing, some got jammed on the way out, and one brand didn’t even fit!So, I am happy that Starbucks is selling these on Amazon – and happier yet that these are part of the Subscribe-and-Save program. My only complaint is that they are still quite expensive. I get the need for presentation, and upholding a certain brand image, but when purchasing in bulk, I expect a significant price savings and do NOT expect fancy packaging. There seems to be a significant amount of money tied up in the packaging of these, and I wish they would toss all 72 pods in one large unmarked plastic bag…and pass along the savings.In any case, I will continue purchasing these as they are my best option at the moment…but I keep looking for less expensive alternatives.