Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee, Pike Place Roast, 96 Count

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In 1971 we opened our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Reflecting on our heritage inspired us to create this delicious blend with smooth body and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. Brewed fresh every day in our stores, it’s a rich, satisfying and balanced cup.

A medium-roasted coffee with rich flavor, good balance and a smooth finish.
Smooth and balanced
Instant Coffee

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  1. DARYL B.

    The white chocolate mocha product is good but I don’t recommend to buy it if you dont have a machine to froth it first and mix it very well because if you plan to mix it by spoon, you will find some/many white dotes which couldn’t mix.The taste is nice but don’t suspect it same as you found in starbucks. It is nice but to real I dont know where is the white chocolate flavour it is only something sweet but you don’t know which sweet they are using!!

    DARYL B.

  2. Irfan

    Considering that I am not a coffee connoisseur, in my rather uninformed opinion, it’s much more tastier than what I had already been drinking: Taster’s Choice French Roast. However, despite it’s not so great taste, Taster’s Choice used to awaken my senses, while VIA Instant tries to put me to sleep. After drinking a cup of VIA Instant, I start having trouble staying fully awake.If you’re just after the taste, then I would whole heartedly recommend it. However, if you drink coffee to awaken your senses, then in my experience, it’s not a good buy. Torture yourself a little, and drink Taster’s Choice coffee.


  3. Anonymous

    I used to take ground Pikes Place. No more Pikes Via is almost as good and so much easier!


  4. sssssnakelady

    This is a great buy!! You get five packages per box for $6:00. If you purchase at the Starbucks drive thru that is what one will cost. Wonderful flavor, tastes just like the one at the store. Great buy!!


  5. jack Sherwood

    This item was a gift for my bestes! She swears by this coffee, it’s what keeps her going! She loves it!

    jack Sherwood

  6. Marilyn Miner

    All you have to do is add water and creamer. In order to make the coffee a little bit stronger I mix 1 & 1/2 package to a 16 oz cup once I add creamer it’s perfect

    Marilyn Miner

  7. aalmousawi

    This order was the best deal I’ve seen for buying Starbucks Via coffee. I usually buy them in bulk boxes of 50. This came in12 boxes of 8. Taste was as expected, and none were past the expiration date (sometimes an issue, but I’m only worried it will affect the taste is over a year old).


  8. dahlia

    I was looking for Via as our local warehouse has been out of the Via packages so when I saw this on Amazon I jumped for joy and the lower price made me even HAPPIER. Would be nice though if they came in 1 or 2 packages versus shipping the 12-packet packages.