TP-Link AV1000 Powerline WiFi Extender, Powerline Adapter with Dual Band WiFi, Gigabit Port, Plug&Play, Power Saving, Ideal for Smart TV, Online Gaming (Tl-WPA7510 KIT)

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The Powerline TL-WPA7510KIT extends your WiFi network at 1 Gbps speeds with Homeplug AV2. It’s perfect for connecting smart TVs, streaming players and game consoles for HD video streaming and lag-free gaming.Plug, Pair and Play – Set up your powerline network and start enjoying fast, seamless wired/wireless connection in minutes.
Wi fi Powerline adapter provides up to 1000Mbps Ethernet over Power, up to dual band 750mbps(300mbps 2.4Ghz+433mbps 5GHz) Wi Fi ideal to be Ethernet extender who can easily go over the walls
As network adapters Supporting Home Plug AV2, Easy to add Multiple adapters and works under 110 240V
Gigabit port, give you Full speed of Your internet
Power saving automatically reduces Power consumption by up to 85 percent
Plug & Play, No new wires and no configuration required
Data encryption by 128 bit AES to make the network safe and private
Compatible with all AV2000, AV1300, AV1200, Av1000, AV600, AV500, AV200 PowerPoint adapters
Industry leading Support: 2 Year Warranty and Free 24/7 technical Support

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  1. Shawn Vezzani

    These things work better than anything that I’ve ever used. I have a tri level home with the main router on the lower floor. We have a computer, laptop, and two smart tv’s on the upper floor, and all of them were suffering from a medium to low wifi signal all of the time. Keep in mind that my house was built in the mid 1970’s, so it’s basically a faraday cage, with brick, metal and just about everything that’s not friendly to getting a strong signal. I’ve setup repeaters in the past which work pretty good, but they are more trouble than they are worth to setup. As soon as I plugged these guys into the wall outlets, and set them up, I immediately saw my wifi bars go from two or three, to five on every device that I had in my house. I can stream video and have yet to have one buffer or stall, and the speeds are exactly the same as they are right next to my main router. Setup was easy, and the units have been running 24/7 with no problems whatsoever. I have yet to find one drawback or complaint from using these units and that’s a rarity today with just about anything that you buy. I’d recommend this product all day long to anyone looking for an inexpensive, workable solution to getting a solid wifi signal, to an area that’s impossible to do with a wireless router alone! Please note: I did not receive this product for free, or in exchange for a review. Product was paid for in full by me, and the results mentioned above were in no way influenced by TP-Link or any other third party.

    Shawn Vezzani

  2. Kindle Customer

    Placed the remote end of the extender in my workshop. Product brochures show this product basically working anywhere you have electricity in your home. I was on support with their staff, and they ONLY support it if it is on the same physical circuit breaker as the ethernet-cable connected end. Homes just aren’t wired that way. The most efficient way to wire a home is to group outlets in a home together on a circuit. Since the purpose of an extender is to extend beyond the range of the existing WIFI, then it would be normal for the extension to be on a different circuit.Reading Amazon feedback, there are a number of customers that said it worked through multiple breaker boxes for them. For me, this did not work. My bad that I didn’t return this promptly. TP-Link’s bad that they do not highlight this lack of support on the package. .

    Kindle Customer

  3. E. Onal

    It was not hard to set up. Followed the instructions and was up and running pretty quickly. I also tried the WPS button to match SSID to my current Wifi. Also worked fine. One trick: In my case, it tried to do WPS for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. But my router stopped after the first pairing! I was confused why it wouldn’t pair both. The trick was to start WPS on the router, tap Wifi on the unit, once the first frequency pairs (solid LED), go back to the router and hit WPS again to pair the second frequency.I’m getting 70Mbps via ethernet. It is setup on the opposite side of a 4 bedroom house from the router (also main floor to second floor). I feel like I overpaid for getting 70Mbps.Update: Ethernet works fine as before. Wifi is hit and miss for me. I configured it to use the same exact Wifi SSID, next time I might try setting up a different SSID to see if that works better.I could not update the firmware via cloud. I downloaded manually and it updated fine (just make sure you get the US version; for some reason I initially downloaded the EU version and clearly that did not work). Firmware update did not improve the TX/RX speeds I’m seeing.Update 7/25/2018: My hardware version is TL-WPA7510 v1.0. Looking at the TP-Link website, I see there is a new v2.0.

    E. Onal

  4. Scott K

    Let me say this at the beginning: I never thought powerline would be an option for me due to the distance and the age of the wiring in the house. I was wrong.I bought this as my home office is in the basement, but the cable modem/wifi router is on the second floor. I was getting decent reception, but nothing great, and it was making VOIP calls difficult and downloads too slow – work wasn’t getting done.So I bought this powerline adapter. I wasn’t sure if this would even work – my house is 90 years old and I have no idea when the current wires were installed, not to mention the fact that I was going from the second floor down to the basement – not exactly ideal laboratory conditions.The first thing I did was to get them paired. I decided to pair them first before connecting any network cables, so I paired them in the basement. There’s 2 pieces to this kit: the “adapter” which connects to your router, and the “extender” which receives the internet signal and then sends it out via wifi. I pressed the “pair” button on the adapter for 1 second, as instructed, but nothing happened. I noticed the instructions said to press it again if nothing happens, and after the second press, the light was blinking. I went to the extender and pressed the “pair” button for 1 second – almost instantly, the devices paired.Then I unplugged the adapter and installed it upstairs with the ethernet cable connected from the router to the adapter. It paired immediately again. I decided to press the WPS (wifi protected setup) button on my router while I was up there, then ran back down to the basement and hit the wifi button on the extender.The extender copied the wifi settings and began broadcasting my wifi network. I’ve tested both the wired and wireless connections from the extender – I’m getting 70-80Mbps on average, and have a 100Mbps connection from my ISP, so that’s really good all things considered. I was previously getting ~25Mbps and the connection would drop randomly. This is a big improvement and I’m very happy with the setup.It took longer to write this review than to actually get this set up! I’m very impressed by the ease of use and speed considering the circumstances. If it works in my 90 year old house, it should work in yours.

    Scott K