TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter – Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections (TL-PA4010 KIT)

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Using advanced Home Plug AV technology, TL-PA4010 KIT provides users with stable, high-speed data transfer rates of up to 600Mbps on a line length of up to 300 meters. With speed of up to 600Mbps, TL-PA4010 KIT enables heavy-bandwidth applications like HD streaming, on-line gaming and large file downloading, turning your home into a robust and high-speed networking.
The terms “AV600” and “600Mbps” are derived from applicable specifications and refer to the theoretical maximum physical-layer data transfer rate. Those terms are used on this product solely to indicate its compatibility with other “AV600” or “600Mbps” powerline devices. Actual data speeds vary and may be limited by the product’s Ethernet port and other network conditions such as data traffic, electrical noise, and wiring issues. For better performance, powerline devices should be deployed on the same electrical circuit and rated for the same HomePlug standard. A minimum of two powerline devices are required to establish a powerline connection. If you are uncertain about your network conditions, you should consult an IT professional to assist in selecting a networking product.
About power saving, actual power saved varies based on network conditions and environmental factors.
Faster speed: wired connection with high speed data transfer rate, ideal for HD video or 3D video streaming and online gaming
Network expansion: Home Plug AV Standard compliant IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3U, with Easy pair feature to add additional TP Link PowerPoint adapters to the network; connect Multiple adapters to Expand Your wired network reliably; work with different voltage(110v, 220V etc.)
Compatible with all AV2000, AV1300, AV1200, AV1000, AV600, AV500, AV200 PowerPoint adapters
Power consumption Maximum: 4.60 watts, typical: 4.26 watts, standby: 0.88 watts. Power saving: patented Power saving mode Automatically reduces Power consumption by up to 85 percent.128 bit AES encryption ensures that the network is safe Simply by pressing a button on paired devices.Up to 300 meter range over a Home’s electrical circuit for Better Performance through walls or across floors
Plug and Play: no new wires and no configuration required; System requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac, Linux; At least two AC 100V 240V Power outlets with Standard Home Power wiring, a computer with the following; Operating System with TCP/IP installed, Pentium III compatible Processor and above, Ethernet LAN card installed with TCP/IP Protocol, 64 MB RAM or more, 50 MB of Free Disk space (minimum), CD ROM drive environment operating Temperature: 040(32104), storage Temperature: 4070 ( 40158), operating Humidity: 10 percent90 percent non condensing, storage humidity: 5 percent90 percent non condensing.Modulation technology: off
Data encryption by 128 bit AES to make the network safe and private
Industry leading 2 year Warranty and Free 24/7 technical Support

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  1. robin perry

    Wow, I can’t believe this actually worked! I purchased this Powerline set in order to get internet in my art studio without having to run a cable through yet another conduit after we hooked up the electricity. The price was right, and although I didn’t really expect it to work, I thought I’d take the chance. So glad I did! My studio has it’s own breaker box, which is connected through a long line/conduit to another breaker box in the house. So, this Powerline device is working through not one, but two breaker boxes. It’s working like a champ! I can stream video, download and upload large image files, and run wifi into the yard for playing music and allowing guests to access the guest network when we have cookouts and bonfires. The fact that it worked at all under the circumstances is impressive, but that it works with the same speed as devices hardwired to the router in the house is especially impressive! Highly recommend!

    robin perry

  2. US Patriot

    We bought this to connect Xbox One S gaming system directly to our router. Before we purchased this gadget we were connecting our Xbox one wirelessly through home wifi. Games would drop all the time, always got error messages, “can’t find wifi network” or “not signed in”. Totally annoying and slow game speeds. Luckily I stumbled on this product and now Xbox appears “WIRED” to router, Eventhough it is connected in upstairs game room. We no longer get annoying messages, and game speeds are faster. Sometimes when other devices are connected to wifi, the speed of game will slow down/lag, but that’s because streaming Netflix or videos on 2-3 other devices via wifi. Not, this devices fault. Highly recommended getting one for your gaming system since, they always work better Wired in directly.

    US Patriot

  3. Coolidge

    I can’t believe this works as well as it does. My computer is upstairs in the attic, on the opposite side of the house. I was previously using wireless and an extender. At best, I was getting 7-12 mbps and the connection was extremely unstable.Plugged these bad boys up though and wow, it’s like night and day. I’m getting 17 mbps (our max speed…DSL, I know) and 100% stable connection. It truly is like my computer is right there at the modem.Some tips: Avoid as many surge protectors, outlet extenders, etc. as you can, as that seems to add noise. One or two seem to be fine, based on other reviews. I have my two devices plugged directly into their own outlets.Try to be on the same circuit before the breaker. I’m not; mine definitely runs through the breaker but it seems to be okay. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend it though. I assume higher speeds would be more affected.Do NOT panic if it seems to desync when you first plug it up. These devices come with an auto-power saving function and when it isn’t synced with each other or your computer isn’t running, they turn off. They will turn back on when you sync the devices or turn on your computer AFTER syncing them. You only need to sync them once.


  4. JoshM5683

    Works well. I have a PS4 Pro and the wifi connection is terrible. Its sad that Sony is actually aware of this & their only advice is to get a hardline into it. My router is in a different room & it can’t be moved. It wasn’t even that far away. My Apple TV and phone had no problem connecting to it in the living room.Anyways, I got this because I use Playstation Vue for television as well as the usual streaming services like Netflix and games. I would constantly get kicked off the network & it was becoming unbearable, like literally every hour it would go down or start running super slow. I did some searching on the internet and found that unfortunately I wasn’t the only person with this problem on their PS4. I got this upon the positive reviews from other PS4 owners.Set up was super simple. Took all of 30 seconds. The connection has been great so far. My internet speed is 60 down and with this when I tested the network on the PS4 it came in at 40, which is way more acceptable than the 15mb/s download I was getting prior with the PS4 wifi. Some of the reviews here on Amazon say after a few months they start to suck, so I guess we’ll see. Thus far though it has been great and I haven’t dropped my network connection nor has it slowed to a crawl either. I would definitely recommend these for people who are having the same issue I am and can’t move their router.Oh and side rant, the Playstation customer service guy suggested just running a LAN cable through the entire length of my house and painting it the same color as my floor to blend in………..thanks guy


  5. azbidr

    DO NOT BE FOOLED by the name of this product. See their own disclaimer at the bottom of the description. 600Mbps is only the NAME of the product, NOT ITS CAPACITY. I spoke to an engineering supervisor there, when I called about the slow speeds I was getting, and he admitted that it was all a lie. READ THE SPECS. The ethernet port is “1*10/100Mbps Ethernet Port”. YOU CAN’T PUT 600Mb THROUGH A 100Mb PORT OR EVEN COME CLOSE!


  6. Charlie

    Arrived quickly. Opened and read instruction. The description on Amazon does not say it must be on the same electrical circuit which. Instructions said to install on same circuit which in most instances you can not do. Wiring run from breaker box on other side of house and different circuits in each room. I proceeded to set up and connect anyway. Nope, wouldn’t work SO I installed a temporary plug on my circuit panel breaker. This means that the office and devices are on same circuit. Proceeded through set up, both paired but no change in signal strength. One device is set up in office and other in laundry room about 50 feet apart. Went to TP Link website and looked up the model. Found a list of compatible routers. It shows they were only compatible with Archer and TP Link devices. Saw that nowhere on the Amazon description. I am in the process of boxing up and will return Monday.