Ubiquiti Networks Networks Networks Router (ER-X), Black

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Edge router x- 5-Port includes an integrated Command line interface for convenient access to advanced functions no SFP ports DHCP services IPv6 support 130 apps for 64 byte packets 1Gbps for 1518 byte packets

Connectivity Technology: Ethernet
Brand : Ubiquiti Networks
Model : ER-X

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4.8 overall

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  1. TJ Mott

    These are the best $50 I’ve ever spent on network gear. It supports up to Gigabit speeds at a very affordable price. I’ve set up a few of them now at family members’ houses and have them all linked up in a site-to-site VPN mesh with OSPF so we can use all use a common file server for family pictures and such. Each one also has a road warrior VPN setup so any of us can securely access it away from home. It also makes LAN games simple even though we’re 2000 miles apart, without having to deal with port forwarding and such.Couple warning notes though. These are not as simple to configure as most home “routers”. A lot of the options in the web GUI simply don’t work, or don’t expose enough settings to work. To do anything beyond the basics you need to get comfortable with the CLI interface, which isn’t too bad but will seem daunting if you don’t have a networking background. Also, as of firmware, anything IPsec is completely broken. OpenVPN works fine and is good enough for my uses, though it’s much slower than IPsec.

    TJ Mott

  2. Justin

    I bought this device to replace an aging RV180 that didn’t seem capable of routing a 100Mbps WAN connection. I have a much more complex LAN than the average home user will have. That being said this device really isn’t too hard to setup at all, and there is more advanced configuration available for users that need it. Most of the setup can be done using the GUI but some of the advanced features will require using CLI.Anyways before this device I was only capable of getting about 62Mbps down. After getting the ER-X configured and setup I am not able to pull down 117Mbps, and over my Ubiquiti nanobridge connection I am maxing them out basically with 92-99Mbps down. So far i’m very satisfied with this little “cheap” router. This router is cheaper almost all home routers and can do much more. If you need WiFi, I would suggest going with some Ubiquiti Unifi AP’s.


  3. RobDog

    I’m using the ER-X at home, because I got tired of glitchy consumer routers with serious unpatched vulnerabilities. It works well once I got it set up, but (as many other reviewers have noted) that process is not for the faint of heart.Basic setup with the WAN+2LAN2 wizard was a snap, but advanced features that are fairly simple on consumer routers usually require a Google deep dive to figure out, because Ubiquiti’s documentation is not much help. An added complication is that some features can only be configured in the CLI, but making changes in the web GUI after doing so can overwrite the CLI changes.With all that said — I have gotten the ER-X to do most everything I wanted, and so far the performance, stability, and uptime have been excellent. Getting to that point was more work than I expected, but I’m happy with the result. My network is more stable now and performance is solid.TIP: I bought a a Unifi-AP-LR access point to use with the ER-X. The POE injector that came with the AP easily powers both devices. The trick is that you have to enable POE passthru on port eth4 in the router to power the AP.


  4. Kyle Cook

    Kind of a pain to set up with my modem but it’s NOT the ERX’s fault. I bought a Netgear CM1000 modem because it works with Comcast and does not have the faulty Intel puma Chip, it has a Broadcom. When setting up the ERX it didn’t want to grab an IP from the CM1000. To get a successful connection I did the following1) Plug PC into ETH02) Configure PC for the following: a) static IP b) subnet c) default gateway d) dns empty3) navigate to in a browser4) go to wizards page on right5) Select WAN+2LAN2 on left and configure for ETH0, DHCP, One LAN, created new user and password6) Save settings and reboot the router7) Plug PC into ETH1 while router is rebooting8) Plug modem into ETH0 while router is rebooting9) Set PC back to DHCP, automatic IP address10) Let ERX boot back up and reconnect, sometimes I had to disable and re enable LAN connection in windows 10 in order to connect back to If you have internet then great, in my case I did not12) The fix for me was to reboot the modem, left unplugged for 3-4min. Quick 20 second reboots didn’t work for some reason.13) After about 1 minute the modem booted up and the ERX automatically grabbed the external IP14) Internet!As far as performance, with the ERX and a 2x Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO I’m pulling down 250mbps over WiFi, no saturation. Pretty happy so far

    Kyle Cook

  5. Ruscul60

    I just upgraded to 200 Mps Internet and my consumer grade AC 1750 router couldn’t handle it. Went with the router X and a TP-Link EAP245 access point and I get full bandwidth. Easy to setup and got it going quickly. Don’t forget to force the hardware offload in the command line interface in the router setup. This will take the load off the cpu and put it on the other hardware and vastly improve the performance.click on-CLI: Access the EdgeRouter Command Line Interface:Type:configure (hit enter)set system offload hwnat enable (hit enter)set system offload ipsec enable (hit enter)commit (hit enter)save (hit enter)Update 12/21/19:This router is flawless! It never needs a reboot. Never stalls or misses connections. I’ll never go back to home wireless routers again. Just add a decent access point and your set.