USA Pan 1505CW-1 Cookware 5-Ply Stainless Steel 8 Inch Sauce Pan with Cover, Oven and Dishwasher Safe, Made in the USA, 8-Inch, Silver

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The USA Pan 8 Inch Sauce Pan With Cover (2.75 qt.) is 5-ply clad stainless steel premium cookware that provides home chefs with a way to cook your food the way it should — rich with flavor and packed with nutrients. This useful pan is perfect for cooking flavorful sauces and broths. The lid creates a vapor seal to circulate flavors with spices and herbs that retain essential vitamins and minerals. The craftsmanship of the USA Pan 2.75 Quart Sauce Pan with Cover exemplifies the premium quality and high performance that has made USA Pan the predominant leader in the commercial baking industry. Each individual pan is hand polished to a mirror shine, providing a stunningly vibrant appearance in the kitchen and on the table.

Cover included; cast stainless steel handles, stainless steel rivets and features an easy pour rim and vapor seal cover design
Waterless and greaseless cooking capability for healthy cooking; Energy efficient, suitable for cooking on low or medium heat
Surgical grade stainless steel; 8″ inch diameter; reverse panel bottom to help resist warping
Made in the USA from globally sourced materials; dishwasher and oven safe; induction capable and safe on gas, electric, ceramic glass, and halogen
USA Pan is a Bundy family company which has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years


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  1. A.Sperelli

    We’ve been searching for months for some good quality pots and pans that are NOT made in China; this turned out to be quite the formidable task as nowadays most companies based in the US or EU stealthily produce much of what they sell in China.I came across USA Pan, which is a company that mostly produces high quality cookware for professional use (restaurants, chefs) but is virtually unknown elsewhere. I was a little skeptical about paying more, but the more I read about their quality, design, and how satisfied all their customers are, I took the plunge; I’m so glad that I did!One reservation I had was that since the pots don’t have glass tops (like my previous pots) I wouldn’t know when something was about to boil over. This was a real sticking point for me. Now that I have this pot and am using it regularly, this is never a problem; it almost never boils over like my old pots regularly did (when I was boiling pasta, for example) because the metal heats much more evenly so there is no reason to have to use the highest setting on my stove; a lower heat setting still brings everything to boil, and when I lower the heat, it’s much more responsive.Additionally, the lids have a really cool design – there’s a lip that prevents extra steam from streaming out the sides (like with my older pots). Instead, most of it is funneled back into the center of the pot, where it condenses and drips back into the food. It’s a simple yet brilliant design!I really can’t say enough about how much I love USA Pan now – I’m planning to buy a skillet from them in the future, and who knows what else? It’s now the only brand I will buy. If you found this review helpful, please consider letting me know. And if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!


  2. Walter W. Watson

    After purchasing a new smoothtop electric range, I decided to for the first time in my life, to purchase high quality pots and pans to use on my new stove. Yes, the pots and pans are gorgeous, and made in USA. However, after 3 months of use, the pots are no problem, but I’m having a difficult time with the skillets. I have not been able to cook fish, breaded fish, chicken, beef, or pork without the meat becoming a soggy mess. The fish, breaded meats, and eggs stick to the skillets like glue! I’ll keep trying though! I also wish I had purchased the pots and pans separately, rather than the 8 pc set. Our family only eats spaghetti 3 or 4 time a year, the 8 inch sauce pan would be more useful for us.

    Walter W. Watson

  3. Top Contributor: Health & Wellness

    My wife wanted to replace her 20 year old Caphlon cookware that was shedding its skin. So started looking for cookware. We chose the USA Pans cookware for several reasons. 1. It is made in Kansas USA, our home state. 2. It is 5 ply. 3. The price was competitive with the other manufacturers and with the Christmas discounts on Amazon, it was hard to pass up. 4. Dishwasher safe. 5. Waterless cooking…who knew that was even a thing? 6. Ability to bake in the oven. 7. Lifetime warranty from one of the most renowned kitchen suppliers in the country. We purchased the 8 piece set and backfilled all of the USA Pans cookware pieces that were not included in the set, the 13 Inch big skillet, the 7 inch sauce pan and the 3 quart soup pot. The good news is that my wife and son LOVE IT. The bad news, in cast iron big skillet and egg skillets have been banished to basement shelf to collect dust. (DO NOT FRET my cast iron beauties, someday you will find a home in my man cave kitchenette!) Stainless steel cookware takes a little getting used to. we are still adjusting to not being able to see our food cooking through the stainless steel lids. When will we invent transparent stainless steel anyway? The dishwasher does get it clean but stainless steel can pick up some color that is easily cleaned using the appropriate stainless steel care products. The all stainless steel handles can get warm. The rewards of owning cookware that we can pass down to our grandchildren someday is priceless. Besides, my parents Stainless steel cookware has already been claimed by my sister’s daughters. BUY IT, LEARN TO COOK WITH IT, LEARN TO HOW TO CARE FOR IT, AND ENJOY IT FOR A LIFETIME!

    Top Contributor: Health & Wellness

  4. Matthew Carpenter

    I wanted to get rid of some Teflon coated pots and was looking for a suitable replacement made from a high quality stainless steel. I’ve had good results in the past with USA Cookware’s baking sheets and pans so gave their pots a try. These pots are QUALITY – from the packaging through the instructions (I was not aware one could use these for waterless and greaseless cooking which was a nice surprise) through the functionality. They heat evenly and fast and the lids keep the moisture in the pot where it belongs, sealing the flavor of the ingredients and retaining moisture. Plus the pots are absolutely gorgeous (almost too pretty to use, but go ahead, you can’t hurt them!) I’m extremely pleased and plan to order a coupe more. Sure they may cost a bit more, but these will last a lifetime and are made with pride and perfection in the USA!

    Matthew Carpenter

  5. Amazon Customer

    I looked at several different sets before going with these.Pros:-Easily cleaned-Distributes heat evenlyCons:-Can scratch easier than you’d think-As with any metal cookware, the handles can get quite hot, but that’s not surprising.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Amazon Customer

    I balked a little when I paid the cost of this USA pan stock pot. Had it not been for the fact that I have a lot of USA pan bakeware, I probably wouldn’t have made the splurge. I love this pot just as I love my other USA Pan bakeware. I’ve used it a lot during canning season and now for winter soups and stews. It heats evenly and is easy to clean. I do not put any of my cookware or bakeware in the dishwasher even though the company says it’s safe. In my experience – and I cook a lot – the dishwasher will destroy just about anything in time. As for the cost, I always complain about having to spend a lot on anything… but if it performs well and makes my life easier, it’s worth my pocket book taking a hit! USA Pan is an excellent performer and well worth the splurge!

    Amazon Customer

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