Vivant Skin Care 3% Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Toner | Clinically Proven | 4 Fluid Ounce

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We believe healthy, vibrant skin is not a matter of luck or genetics. It’s a matter of science, desire and diligence. And, armed with the right skin care regimen, everyone can find their best skin.

Designed to work as a synergistic system, our products address total skin health, each enhancing the efficacy of the next, with multi-tiered solutions that allow your skin care system to progress along with your skin.

We are a company built on breakthrough science and committed to the continued pursuit of innovation and quality that goes beyond industry standards.

Today, Vivant remains a family owned company rooted in science and dedicated to solutions. Our products—preferred by dermatologists, skin care professionals, and spas for more than two decades—are formulated with care and commitment, using the highest quality ingredients, and manufactured in small batch production in the USA.



Description: A multi-tasking essential that refines surface texture and primes skin for more efficient, faster absorption of corrector serums leading to accelerated results. Clears surface buildup, promotes exfoliation, and goes deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and make-up. Mandelic Acid targets Acne, Aging and Hyperpigmentation making it ideal for sensitive darker skin tones.

Skin Type: Recommended for Dry and Combination skin.

Ideal for: Skin new to advanced skin care regimens. Excellent for skin of all hues and skin too sensitive for Benzoyl Peroxide and glycolics.

Direction: Start usage every other day. Moisten a cotton pad with a small amount of tonic and wipe over face, neck and décolleté. Increase to daily or twice daily as skin becomes acclimated.

Mandelic AcidMandelic Acid

Meet the star player of AHAs. Naturally derived from bitter almonds, Mandelic Acid is a gentler alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that targets acne, age spots, discoloration and wrinkles without the typical irritation that can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation especially in darker skin tones. Vivant’s synergistic formulations feature Mandelic Acid in a range of transformative products for dramatic difference.

Gentle multi-tasker targets acne, signs of aging, and hyperpigmentation in all skin types and tones.

Tip for best use

Don’t underestimate the value of the toner. It helps to clear the skin of loose epidermal cells so that the corrective serums can better penetrate. For a cooling lift during warm months, leave in refrigerator. As skin acclimates move up to a more advanced toner, such as 9% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Toner. May be used more often to remove excess oil or to accelerate your skin care program. An active toner, good for use where weather is cold or windy.

Recommended for Dry and Combination skin
Formulated by the Co-developer of Retin A. Clinically proven to work on ethnic skin tones.
To create gentle micro-exfoliation in the skin and speed renewal.


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  1. M

    I will buy and buy again. The only thing I hate about this product is the price!!!! After all the alpha-blah-blah-fails of different skin fads that haven’t worked for me, I have fallen madly in-love with all products mandelic. Dearest Mandelic, where have you been all my flawed life??? If you’ve found nothing that works well for your acne prone skin, try Mandelic acid. It has changed my life. No joke—no more shame in showing my face in public!And for the record, 3% works better for me than 9%, which is too drying. Viavant also sells a fantastic wash that I refuse to go without. I see people with skin similar to what mine used to be, and I want to tell them about this product. I don’t, only because I know the shame of leaving the house covered in swollen red bumps. This stuff works.


  2. Patdrin

    My favorite toner. Gets rid of hyperpigmentation.


  3. dogzrul

    I’ve purchased two different Mandelic Acid toners, and this one is the best. It still doesn’t fully clear up every last little thing on my face, but my skin is SO much better than it has been in decades that I am thrilled.The generic one I received from Melanoderm Labs was pretty good too, but it seems harsher than this one, and though my skin feels even more clean, it also seems to give me some breakouts, so I will stick with Vivant even though it costs more. One trick I learned from the other one though, that helps out a lot with both. Wet the cotton before putting the toner on. It helps a LOT.


  4. Kathy Lewless

    I’m very pleased with the results! I no longer have acne due to ingrown hair… It really keeps my pores clean.

    Kathy Lewless

  5. AC

    So far I like this….I’ll update as time goes on…


  6. ChristieNensel



  7. Gregory Skaggs

    I purchased this item for my girlfriend to use. When I received Vivant Skin Care Mandelic Acid, I gave it to her to use. She was a bit skeptic, but upon my request, she tried it anyways. Her results were good. After a few days to a week of use, she and I noticed that her skin was clearer than before, and is still continuing to improve.While this is a good product, it was a bit pricey, but you pay for what you get. She’s used other products that don’t cost as much, but with less than thrilling results.*I received this product at a discount in an exchange for my honest review. My opinions are 100% unbiased, honest, and my own.

    Gregory Skaggs

  8. trip_dont_fall

    It had been a while since I used a toner and I forgot that I quite like using a toner.After you wash your face, you think you got it cleaned, right? Well… if you use this toner on a cotton ball and swipe it over your freshly washed face, you will be surprised at the color of the cotton ball!This toner will get your face super clean! Be aware that it contains alcohol which means that it can be quite drying on the skin. This is why they suggest you begin using it every other day.When you see the cotton pad you can definitely tell that it is removing extra dirt, makeup, oil, etc. It dries quite quickly so you can get on with your makeup, beauty routine, or bedtime routine.Mandelic acid is an ingredient in it. It is an alpha hydroxy acid and is actually made from bitter almonds. It is used for a variety of skin concerns due to its anti inflammatory properties. Acne and rosacea are just a couple of examples.I received this bottle for free to test out and review.